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Default Re: Galactic Federation of Light Conference Call Details For 9/27/08

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
I'm trying really hard to take this all seriously but how many more chanellers are there!
I'm very sceptical, i need real evidence that these people are what they say they are.
And how do we know that they are not in contact with a benevolant alien force!

I think you mean malevolent alien force, and I agree. That is the big concern for me with channeling as it is sort of like using the Internet for dating.. you think you're talking to a hot little number (excuse the lack of creativity there!) but it turns out when you meet him/her, they're not at all what you thought. So, your worry is well founded in my book. It seems to me much will be answered here in the next 2-6 weeks. Amazing times we're living in.
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