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Default Re: Electromagnetic Radiation in the Home

Carmen, I actually have a little experience in three fields that might help, but I don't have to many specifics.
1. I've been a commercial painter for the last 16 years and there is a lot of "special" paint
but none that is for nuclear radiation! You'll have to ask the Black Ops for that, good
luck!, LOL
2. I've worked on x-ray equipment for 6 years and there's all kinds of lead lined drywall,
and lead lined doors and glass. You will find that in any x-ray room that exists! It's a
requirement by law. The problem with that is it's only good for non-direct x-ray
radiation. It only protects from what's called x-ray scatter really, not direct radiation.
If you were to do anything like that in your home, think of only doing a closet maybe
just to keep the cost down. You will have to look into how thick lead would have to
be to stop any serious radiation.
3. I've also worked as a technician at Motorola and had to sit inside of what's called a
Faraday cage. A Faraday cage keeps out all radio waves of a certain frequency
depending on the size of the screen. My booth that I worked in was just a big
screened in room with a heavy door to block all radio transmissions from leaving or
from coming in.

So I don't have any specifics but you can look up info on lead lined drywall and doors, and you can look up Faraday Cages and find out different screen sizes for different frequencies and go crazy from there!, LOL, I guess you could put layer upon layer of lead around a closet, then layer upon layer of brass or copper screens or sheets, and maybe then have enough to protect certain electronics from EMF's. But as far as nuclear radiation, I don't know if there's anything to really protect you, and would depend on how far away from the blast you were!
That probably doesn't help much, but I at least wanted to throw in what few tidbits of info I had.
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