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Originally Posted by Greenberet View Post
BTW, I always try to astral travel, but never get much results, only onces, that I pulled my finger and got very long, and flew over my window, but thats about it.... any tips from you guys?
Everybody astral travels. That's where your consciousness is when you dream. This is achieved by the slowing down of the brainwaves, and the nature of the astral state is determined by your internal frequency.

The trick is to be lucid during that state. And to get to that state while being lucid (aware)

If you really want to be in a consciously astral state, your soul self will eventually accommodate your wish. How this happens i don't know, it works differently for everyone, but your desire will ensure it happens somehow.

Visual meditation in an expansive manner as possible, and the desire to be consciously aware while dreaming will likely help you.

But mindful of what you wish for. There are many "awakened ones" out there that would like nothing more than to push a rewind button and go back to sleep.
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