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Default Re: ..:: Please try this and let me know! ::..

I agree with the advice of others here regarding the risks of travelling in this method. Out of body travel is a whole new world full of many beings and energies that do not carry our best interests at heart. Grounding, meditation and calling for protection are big needs if planning to travel further than your bedroom. Certain individuals are better suited than others and this must mainly be down to their current life path. I would advise anyone who becomes aware of this state to call on their guides for protection and support.

I would explain the mis comfort you felt as being deliberate and directed by occupiers under the surface. There are those who state that we have been there (Mars) for along time and our only defence against intruders (not neccessarily human) is the maximised use of RV related techniques. Those living underground are supposivley a military defence structure for our solar system. Their main goal being to keep the earth free of unwanted visitors and thus learning and improving upon current levels and understanding of the power of the human mind our greatest strength.
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