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Default Re: ..:: Please try this and let me know! ::..

Must state here that untidyness around the home can add factors that effect the plasmatic transformation of the disconnection between the human body and the soul aspect that travels away.

Keep a clean enviroment around you for what you carry you take with you when travelling.

What you take effects your experience. It also determines what can appeal to you and perhaps misguide you.

Escaping the body does not mean freedom that will suit your desire.

Even clean crystals if you have them for they hold on to your soul matrix and can bolster your greatest fears or problems if not maintained. The secrets of crystals and their ultimate use is far from realised right now. Dont take one and expect it to effect you in a postive manner all of the time for they react to you - 24/7

Keep clean, ask for protection and trust your inner self when wishing to explore the multi verse. You may find that you shouldnt!
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