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Default Re: ..:: Please try this and let me know! ::..

Actually, part of us lives in that world all the time. We just don't realise it, most of us. Then when we die, we're really just turning off the five senses and our personality. Death is actually a very beautiful and joyful thing -- beautiful and joyful beyond words. Indigenous cultures still consider a funeral a time of rejoicing -- and of some grief as well. If a person can learn to be even half good at meditation, it's my understanding they'll have absolutely nothing to fear at their death. They'll naturally know how to stay in touch with the positive.

On the other hand, surely common sense tells us that if we want to go "exploring" into territory -- any territory in any realm -- that we know absolutely nothing about and have no help or protection from somebody who does, then that's a really bad idea. I mean, we have to teach one-year-olds not to walk onto highways. The one-year-old has no idea what that ugly long hard "river" of bitumen is for, but it's not a good idea for them to "explore" it. The bitumen road isn't necessarily an "evil" thing in any way. In fact, it's beneficial to anyone who makes proper use of it.
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