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Default Re: Time to liberate our computers in a massive way

Originally Posted by truthseekerdan View Post
The important (sad) part is not what symbolizes Lucifer, but what reflects "him"; The EGO...

Hope this helps.
to be honest, I get very angry about the post of the meaning of "vega", this kind of buddy make me very angry, thats why i cant get in good relationships most of the times with the "sainteee people", because this people are agree to use an operating system full of dark energy,like windows, that intent destroy reality of opens ource, or Mac OS, who has slaves in Asia, to build the powerbooks, and has complains with a name of a free operating system. Dont recognize the effort or the work thats has been done.

Thats why i have an strong opposition to " both sides" in some point, because, all the time feeding polarity, and talking like "saints" when the reality is that he majority of this kind ofs buddys are STUPID PEOPLE...

If you feel dark emotions inside this message, ABSOLUTELY YES, I AM ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDED, that the people from "inside the scope of lightworkers" put me all the time in the balance or "test mode".

I have one law: if your work has no value for each others, go to some place where you dont need to get in test....I had no the need to show myself like a saviour or a ruler creator,

this is my gmail
u can get directly supppor from me for the distro by direct mail...

If someone feels better with another "political correct" distro name, go to this site

I did what i did for love, not for regrets....

the world is falling dawn, not because the dark kabalist, the world is falling down because is FULL OF STUPID PEOPLE!

leaving avalon forum, afterwards...i cant tolerate any milimiter of stupidity anymore...not anymore...

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