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Default Re: Time to liberate our computers in a massive way

Originally Posted by pablo View Post
Im here "guy"....working to shut up ppl like u.
If your endeavor is to "shut up ppl", because of their opinions and beliefs, which are not same as yours, I think you are move towards very dark areas of the human experiences, that we all people tried to fight against: first that comes to my mind is communism, then fascism, etc.

Originally Posted by pablo View Post
But i have no time to discuss with a person
First of all, this forum is all about discussions, about sharing ideas, concepts, etc. If you are not willing to discuss, I'm wondering what you are up to do, on this forum.

Originally Posted by pablo View Post
U have no right to determine the "level of corruption" of anyone....
I didn't try to determine the corruption level of anyone, I just made an general appraisal, that the world we live in is utterly corrupt, affirmation which most of the people of bona fede can agree with me, an just only a blind man or a malevolent person could disagree or try to misinterpret or twist my words in such way that put me in a bad light; this are not the works of a genuine, goodwill and willing-to-help-others person

Originally Posted by pablo View Post
a person like u, baby boomer
This one I do not understand is an insult or not, or what it is, even I do not know from where you know my age and lastly I do understand from your last remark, by the wording you use, that somehow the baby-boomers are bad. So, if someone is baby-boomer, according with you, what that person should do? To disappear from the face of the Earth leaving only the young and feeble minds, just to be easy preys for anybody willing to manipulate and brainwash them promising secure OS's by which, they will be willingly feed all their intimate information and data to an unknown party? Or should the baby-boomers to disappear because they are burden to the happy young society? There is a saying: those which they don't have elders, go quick and buy themselves some!

All your answers, are coming one worse than the previous. If the people didn't understand up to now, that "Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark" I cannot help them. They should exercise their own discernment! But sad is, that people are happy to hear what they believe in and are rejecting the truth. There is no more accurate highlight of the current status, than that from recent interview of Jordan Maxwell with Project Camelot, I quote:

Kerry Cassidy: Do you think it’s possible that these people (illuminati) can be stopped?

Jordan Maxwell: No.

Kerry C.: You don’t.

JM: No. I do not.

KC: Okay.

JM: I categorically say No. I do not believe there is any reasonable evidence of anything of hope for America or for the world. That’s my personal opinion. I think that the light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming.

There’s no doubt in my mind, for myself. I do not believe America or the world at large is going to be able to extricate itself out of this situation. No. I do not believe it’s possible.

And the reason why is because the people are too stupid. They’re too ill-informed, ignorant, ill-informed, un-read, self-centered, egotistical, materialistic, and down-right stupid. And they don’t care. Basically speaking, people don’t care.

Ludwig von Mises in one of these books, the great European economist, Ludwig von Mises said -- and he’s right-on as far as I’m concerned -- he said that in every age and in every country, the people of every nation have always supported a dictator. The people have always supported a dictator and they always will. 

There’s never been a time in the history of the human race that you can show me where the people of a nation rose up and demanded their freedom, liberty, and justice for all, not even in America. Ninety-seven percent of the male population in America at the time of the American Revolution did nothing. Only 3 percent took up arms against the British masters and gave us a modicum of freedom. But happily that will never happen again. America is finished.

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