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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

It is my considered opinion that this universe is an electrical universe.
where constant transfers of an electrically charged plasma is based in what is ASSUMED ( ass-u-me) to be nothing but a vacuum.
I also consider that space is a sea of this energy, and it is flowing in all directions at once, with dominant flows determined by geometry.

Do you have any firm evidence to support your theories of an interstellar war?
if not, are you merely supplying disinformation and fear?

I fully accept that there must be many races in universe, and at all levels of advancement.

If You cannot provide any evidence, then surely it would be better to stay in fiction?
I am reasonably convinced that We have our own saucers with gravity control and superluminal capabilities, if the people are convinced that these are aliens, then any level of control over the people will be easy to implement.
I ask again, have you any solid evidence, if not , then this needs labelling as fiction.
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