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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

Thanks Gale. I should have read the entire thread. I am still leery of this evidence for a few reasons. The first is simple...a race capable of hyper-space or inter-galactic travel would seem to me to be able to monitor/predict a comet's path and avoid it. 2) I am inclined to believe certain sources when it comes to propulsion systems. I haven't heard the slightest hint anywhere that ET's are using nuclear powered craft...its just so 20th century Tachyon drives perhaps or anti gravity devises, like those devised by Tesla and given to O. T. Carr. Granted the machining/workmanship made his craft incapable of flight, but the alien technology which inspired it (Billy Meir's "wedding cake") certainly flew, and to my knowledge the film footage has yet to be debunked. 3)A comet would most certainly contain some extremely interesting ore. What is to say the impact and resulting debris wasn't all attributable to the comet?

Just being the devil's advocate, and thanks again.
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