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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

Originally Posted by omshanti2 View Post
Hello Norval, not in a religious context is the Devil the Bad ET's ?, and do these Bad ET's want/is to wage war with the seed of Adam/ Humans/another faction of ET's (Human ancesters) I mean it says we were made in their image ?.
The Bad ET's obviously want this planet and we must be in the way, well at least some of us, am I right?, and is this the war talked about in revelation ?, Humans verses the Bad ET's ?, I might be way off, correct me if I am wrong.
This would explain why we are being poisoned through various methods, and programmed, for an easy take over, so they think, and anyone exposing them is murdered by our own/ Humans who feel their in to deep to get out, or by Hybrids Human's/ Bad ET's DNA.
Am I going in the right direction, or am I in the making of a good novel ?.
How do we know when we are called and chosen ?.
Hope I have asked the right questions this time.
perhaps this information share will answer those questions. All of this was covered in the barbara marciniac channeling about our earth and what is happening and what has happened. just want you to see these. it answered alot of my questions and left out religion, except the one held every moment of every day the church of your body as comprehending the truth. Not to dis the bible. Inner religion based on understanding leads to wisdom. Information that is applicable to where you are will find you. here is the link on audio. it changed as a balancer my viewpoint about all the et's.
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