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Originally Posted by Maialynda View Post
Hi Duncan,

Good to see you here, I have seen you on other forums and I believe that you got some pretty raw treatment. People can be so vicious sometimes.

One thing, your nickname, Finbaar, which is not common in combination with your face is familar to me for some reason. Perhaps you just resemble another with the same nickname, who knows. This just sits at the edge of my mind and is tickling it. Really a bit annoying.

I have watched your interviews. I can see that you were sincere about that which you were speaking about. It didn't look easy for you and I can feel for you on what you went through. It was also a bit triggering.

Throwing a little caution aside.....
I have a history of also being used in similar fashion. My memories are spotty, but they are vivid. Some memories are hellish and some are just difficult to believe (complete with the super abilities stuff). My insides (mentally) were made into pieces parts according to function, which I am attempting to reconcile them and, eventually, integrate them. Since conventional therapy is right out, I am hoping that my next little project will help in this.

Well, eventually may those that run such projects run out of supporting energy and lose their alleged "power". May the rug be pulled right out from under their a**e*. May the light expose all such doings and may it bring all of us the healing and upliftment that we all want and need.

Greetings on all points of the triangle Duncan, Salutem Punctis Trianguli!

FIONNBAR/FINNBAR is a name connected to the FALLOW-RIGHT program run by the NSA ( US Navy involvement too ). A large part of the project involves human cloning. Medical proceedures such as amputation of limbs and reattachment of artificial limbs plays a large part in this. The creation of a 'cyborg' supersoldier is involved. I was told by SAS friend that they wanted a soldier who could jump out of a plane without a parachute, hit the ground running, pick up the backpack, run over forty miles, execute a target and then be extracted.

Another cloning proceedure involves limbs with different DNA to the rest of the body being attached so that ancient artifacts ( braclets and such ) can link up with this new DNA for PSIonic ability.

This goes on in many hospitals in the UK and USA with advanced tech that leaves no scaring. My SAS friend told me about people who discovered they had body parts that didn't belong to them. They had broken a limb in the past, gone to hospital and then the injury had healed extremely quickly. Years later they had broken or injured the same limb, gone back to hospital. Blood tests then revealed the DNA of the limb did not match the rest of the body.

The following data is from my own personal file-

Subj: X4566-2 (casj)

(1) Fifth FALLOW-RIGHT series tests results in Attachment [A]

(2) X4566-2 responds within operational requirements under FALLOW-RIGHT activation.

(3) Suitable for recon and support ops only.

(4) Recommend that X4566-2 be retained as deployed gen. pop. asset.


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