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Taken from Andy Pero's testimony-
A few days after that Dr. Purrizzo shows up again at my house, tells me to walk with him to the street again. He tells me that "he has been discussing it with this psychologist friend and that my mind functions in such a way in the subconscious THAT HE CAN MAKE ME THE MOST POWERFULL MAN IN THE WORLD". He then tells me to get into his car and he wants to take me to his office to do this for me. I say "REALLY?. OK.. I'll go, but only if my mother comes with me... Can my mother come with me?" He says that this is just between "us men". I tell him to go f*ck himself and start walking towards my house. He starts talking "Your a very smart kid! you had a 50/50 chance! we were going to get drunk and then decide whether to make you the most powerful man in the world or give you a lobotomy." I stop and turn to him and say "do you really think I'm going to believe you when you tell me that YOU are going to make ME the most powerful man in the world? you might do this but ONLY if you could control me, if you could not control me then you would have to destroy me! Do you think I am that stupid? Now get the **** out of here before I call the cops!." He then says "as I said you are one smart kid". He gets in his car and drives away.

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