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THE JUMP! by Andy Pero

They wanted me to think ONLY as "the Rhino". They wanted the biggest, badest, meanest motherf*ckering stud on the planet, and if you F*CK with me I will kill you "RHINO."

What I didn't know at the time was that my father, when he was in the Navy, was part of an elite ultra top secret nuclear explosion test that he was hand picked for. The name he chose was also "the Rhino". This must have proved very interesting to them. At this point I discover that they had been taking me from the age of 2 years old. As I was from the very beginning part of a HUGE genetic manipulation project along with my father and along with most of the armed forces in the United States which has been going on sense the 1960's. More about this later.

As the conditioning continued they were particularly interested in "the jump." I remember discussing it with them. They asked me how did I do it? I answered "I don't know, but when I jumped I had no fear, as I was falling I was like a cat, calm and cool, again no fear, focusing like a laser only on the landing, before the impact the 'steel springs'." As a result of this, of course, they start having me "jump" off of things. As you can imagine it, what they did to me was not pleasant. When you jump you are a cat, they told me. You will always land on your feet and you will always be OK no matter how high. You will have no fear. Every jump in your mind is as easy and as safe as jumping off a footstool. When you land, your legs become steel springs and will absorb all impact. The size and strength of the steel springs will automatically adjust to the height of the jump for you. There is no pain, and you have no fear!

They started me off with small jumps to begin with (off a six foot step ladder). I remember this because they wanted me to stand on the fold out tray that clearly says "this is not a step" and I didn't want to because it clearly said "this is not a step" so I ended up going to the top step (it was no big deal in terms of height, but it was in my mind a big deal in terms of things you should do and things you should not do). So I specifically remember that. Next it was up a ladder to a platform they had in the "Big Lab", maybe 25-30 feet. Then it was off the side of the big lab outside (the top of the building). We would then progress to jump off objects that were higher and higher.

What they would do is bring me to a certain spot (whether it was a bridge or a cliff) and simply say "Jump", we will meet you at the bottom. And I would simply say "OK" walk to the railing and jump over. I wouldn't look first and then back up and then jump. I would just, jump, RIGHT OVER. I would land like a cat, bounce in the air from the release of the stored energy in the compacted steel springs that were my legs, do a shoulder roll as I landed the second time from the "bounce", stand up, and wait for them. It was just like jumping off a footstool and it was just as easy.

The next day or so, I would find my self wandering back to the same spot during school hours, what ever it was (a bridge, a cliff, what ever) and as I retraced my steps, when I got to the jumping point I would look over the edge AND MY HEART WOULD DROP INTO MY STOMACH. I remember saying to myself "this is wrong, it was not this high" because to me the night before the jump was nothing "like a footstool" now I'm looking at it and saying "NO F*CKING WAY IS THIS RIGHT, NO F*CKING WAY". These things are not physically possible. I became very scared, and I became even more confused.

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