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I was in contact with two men recently. Lawrence Dean O Brien and Sean McGann aka Michael Vatican.

Kind of risky going public with this but both former hitmen for George Bush Snr. Lawrence has been seriously screwed up by all this and is alchoholic like many ex-subjects. He proudly identifies himself as "George Bush Snr's favourite hitman!"

Further research into this reveals the fact that they may be the illigitimate sons of GBS. GBS has MANY illigitimate children all over the world in various NSA 'breeding programs'. The 'O' above names such names as Cathy O Brien, Duncan O Finioan, Lawrence O Brien comes from the 'Sun-Blood' bloodline. In ancient Egypt the O was placed above the name to signify this.

A tribe of great warriors that came through the middle-east, into Greece, France and then Scotland, Ireland, England and America. Generations of sorcerors, story tellers and poets as well.
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