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I appreciate all your hard work Kerry and have never thought twice about it, as someone with an entertainment and radio journalism background I'm well aware of how time consuming the work you do is. The work you're doing is priceless and an invaluable contribution to the awakening, I doubt the movement would be where it's at without your work - I know it's what woke me up completely. I'd been making progress, but your work with whistleblowers has helped me to connect the dots that hastened the paradigm shift.

Lets not forget all the hard work from fellow Ground Crew members, you've also attracted a great community here on Avalon too!

So thanks for all you do Kerry and Bill, we couldn't have done it without you!! Keep up all the great work and don't listen to whiners, some people aren't happy if they're not complaining about something

Love, light & blessings,

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