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Default Jordan Maxwell - Water of Grace, Water of Life

I wanted to share with you a documentary that a friend of mine narrated.

Please have a look. It is very important content-wise.

Jordan Maxwell - Water of Grace, Water of Life
or on youtube if you prefer

From: Truthout Media

This Documentary goes through Jordan Maxwell's life, influences, and research from the perspective of a former fan of Maxwell' s who after "doing his homework" found that Maxwell often is totally making it up, and doesnt even try back up a majority of the things he says.
At the end the director tell us why he made the movie. discussing the research and claims of so-called 'Godfather of Secret Societies' Jordan Maxwell aka Russell Pine

If you want to know why this movie is called Water of Grace and in turn why maxwell calls himself by that term stemming from "Jordanus Maximus" you may also enjoy this movie:
Debunking Jordan Maxwell The Movie:
it can be viewed here:

also mentioned in the movie

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