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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Originally Posted by arcora View Post
I am tired of seeing posts that I don't agree with and don't interest me. This forum needs to be about me and me only. When will all the other members learn that they are here to serve me and that when they post information that I am not interested in it makes me mad and all I need to read is information that confirms what I believe and makes me feel good about myself.

I know what you mean.

, but seriously I do. We're here to make connections and exchange info right? Not glorify our egos......checking our "reputation counter" frequently.
I'll climb back up on my high horse now, to say that I just noticed that this even exists as an option after reading this response in the "Will you leave if the Forum becomes paid" thread, from a PA researcher w/ some thin skin I guess.

Originally Posted by Baggywrinkle View Post
I will leave if Avalon doesn't become a paid service.

In fact, I already did.

The poll suggests that 81% of the respondents have no business
posting at Avalon, as proven by the porn tantrum thrown by
excalitber last week. Just because I left, doesn't mean I wasn't lurking.

Some suggestions for the administrations discussion

-If technically viable, Avalon remains available for all comers on a read
only basis. This way no one is denied critical information.

- paid subscribers are held to a higher standard leaving the food fight of the open forum and entering a classroom/library environment. Serious participants only. I left when I was attacked
personally for voicing my opinion. Attacking the individual rather than
the argument is inappropriate. I can find this behavior at any roadhouse bar. Mods, please see my reputation counter for documentation.

That is my opinion. You are welcome to attack it. Attacks directed at me personally will not be tolerated.
I understand the need to address personal attacks, but from what I've seen they're not extremely frequent, and much of the time members can work these spats out before the mods decide to jump in.

IMO it's worth trying to civilly address those who "attack" you, and try to get to the heart of their problem. Give them a second, third, fourth, chance.
I've learned much here from people that I respect, but still disagree w/, but only because of much dialogue.
If they remain childish and refuse to respond civilly to your questions then.........guess can ignore them........who cares what random people say about you on the internet. Honestly. If we continue to ignore the irrational posters, they will find some other outlet for their tantrums and need for attention.

And really, who checks thier "reputation counter", or even knows how to?
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