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Default Re: Rodin Coil Redesigned - A New Approach to Vortex Theory


The first time a saw Marko Rodin talking was in a video which starts with Marko saying that he can create a black hole on the top of his desk, and he truly inspired me with his talk. I just felt there is something about this that is truly revolutionary.

I've built a coil, with copper windings (!), after reading this I probably should have used something else.. I made a 360 degree coil and have experimented a bit with it.

I'm no tehnichian so everything I do is more or less intuition based, I also lack for example an oscilloscope.

I had this vision that if I was able to start a vortex in the middle of the coil I could put on a load and maintain that vortex just through the load and be able to cut the input. It worked in my imagination, but not in reality. It felt so right and in my thought it wouldn't matter if you pushed or pulled the elecrons through the coil. Very well.. I guess friction is a problem in this case so maybe it would work better with extremely high voltages at low amps or perhaps if the load were somehow in sync with the input so the coil wouldn't know the difference.

Just thought i would share a little about this extremely interesting technology and I'm looking forward to follow your work.

All the best!
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