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Default Re: Everything “now” happened already!

These things are discussed in this channeling of Kryon:

We were not the only ones to speak of these things. In fact, even science told you the same thing! The science of prediction is well established on this planet. For more than a decade now, those in a university of learning have discovered how to make certain kinds of devices that react to Human consciousness [Princeton University - The Human Consciousness Project]. Since Human consciousness is interdimensional, these devices react before events happen! You might say they are able to pick up the randomness of potential. This is not a secret, and even my partner has reported these things in his lectures. It's an interesting study about the energy of humanity, and futurists love these machines. For the machines start to react before potential things happen. The scientists saw it happen before things like the recent 2004 tsunami and even the death of Princess Di... all worldwide compassion events.

Recently, these indicators were starting to signal something was happening. They were starting to read that something was in world consciousness being sensed before it would happen. It was centering around the middle of October. What they were beginning to pick up is a shift that took place on October 13 and 14 worldwide*. A major shift took place. The earth moved in an interdimensional level. Did you know that? You say, "No, I didn't," and that's what I want to tell you about.

This "shift" or jump in Level of Mass Consciousness is independently documented by myself here.
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