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Default Orange Orbs

Ok. I saw one with my own eyes last week. It was an orange ball of electric fuzz. It was close to the size of a soccer ball. It must have been in motion before it lit itself up...FLASH there it was...moving across the sky about 40 feet over my head. It drifted towards my friends cottage and then was gone out of sight. I saw it for about 3-4 seconds. As I say it was a translucent vivid orange ball of fire just float on by.

I spoke with another friend and his father who both saw the something very similar each at a different time and place. All last week.

On another note...today I heard a story from a team member that he knows a woman who had one of these orbs go right through her and she found her self with her head between her knees...yet she was fine. It had gone through brick wall then the woman then another brick wall then the deep freezer and then the television. The story was that everything in the freezer was destroyed...like i mean gone...and the TV was semi melted.

Anyway...I am not really sure what they are but I know that they are real...believe it orb don't. I just thought I would share what I saw with you. Perhaps there is much more info out there as to what these orbs are?
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