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Post Censorship is EVIL! Censorship is Terrorism!

Why is Censorship evil; or even terrorism? Because it can skew choice to a favorable conclusion for the one keeping the secrete. [I know this message is long but sets up the argument.]

An example is keeping the secrete about UFOs and ET's. If you are a visitor to this form; you already know what I am talking about; but, for the sake of being brief...If you don't know it is there, then how can you take care of the problem? How can a labor or at least a citizen voter inform their representative if there is censorship? (It's a cheep way out for sure, and the price to pay may be blood!) I don't care whom for this argument, but the mechanics for censorship is easy. Just get rid of the whistleblowers or ridilecue them; or don't cover them at all! Thus, the enforcing party become the terrorist..."shut up or we will do it for you." For economics, I do know that if you don't know then how will you, the informed citizen ever be able to make a decision at the ballot box?

Even the astrolabe knows this when Uranus enters Taurus in march of next year! (Thus new Ideas are shut out of the polity and cannot enter at the same speed they are entering now (at a fast pace)). Just recently, (if you are born in) "Pluto is in Capricorn. For your entire generation, this is a period of intense changes in the very fabric of society. Many accepted institutions may pass away or be born anew. The good of the community as a whole will be stressed and individual rights may come under attack. This will possibly be a period of decay that will lead to a new order." [http://alabe.com].

On a different note: realufos.net is being hammered with internet Censorship! Politicians claim this will reduce kitty porn, but most would reconise this will also reduce 'unfavorable subjects' that the polity does not want to hear. This is akin to 1984 (orwell) when the main character works in a place with "illegal words". What's next? America. Well may be!

CNN recently posted a cyberattck special where world leaders play a simulation to see how America would fair in a cyberattack. Is this political jocking for a justification for new or more BIG GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS FOR FURTHER CENSORSHIP!!!

Just for kicks I googled: Cyber shockwave cnn and got


which produced a creepy message:


which basically states that every computer will have a government mandated chip to monitor you but only in "emergency situations" (If the government were dealing with or is the ET presence; wouldn't every day be the emergency situation; think about the airport scanners and the movie MIB with the aliens in the human suits...) To the congress.org above to see; I am pretty sure that this message is a plant to Obama to do something drastic; or for his republican predicesor in 2012-2013.

Below is a message that I sent to realufos.net to cheer them up (nothing special just some general stuff):

[start of message]

I hear you on the free speech blackout; or rather, a guided speech rollout. It will be coming to America soon. On CNN, the media did a simulated internet black/brown out. Knowing about Australia and it's speech/censorship problems; many people need to know that this is a bad setup for the populous for even bigger government to increase censorship; for example: The US goverment or an agency within wants to provide a crisus for further a purpous for war (for money? power? censorship from UFO's, powers that want to be?

Here is a creepy messge to the president out in the open after I used http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&s...&aq=f&aqi=&oq=


Other websites of interest

Good luck on the war against censorship! I truly don't want to live in a censored world.

[end of message]

check out the isc.sans.org sites; good information. Overall, if the chessboard is truly being set up in a way to push the pawns, get ready for a classic game of punnish the restless. In otherwords, America may end up like Iran's green revolution. Bloody, messy, and in the end a checkmate on the people.

Also, I don't know if B. Fulford has any knowledge of the internet censorship in Australia but if he does, I wonder if the illiumuiniti has anything to do with it. {note: Watch the world map for who has visited projectcamelot.org site, if there are no more red dots on Australia, then you know the page has been Censored and I know the site has no child porn on it...make you wonder.

Good luck, and END TO CENSORSHIP (by government and corporations/business organizations alike!!)
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