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Gabe Gabriel
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Default Who are the "THEY" in conspiracies


This is food for thought. I am not trying to gain converts. I am not trying to grow a movement, this is only what I have learned in over 25 years of research on this subject.This is strictly "FYI", for your information, do with it as you will.

Does it mean that I am right in my conclusions? Of course not. I could be wrong just as anyone else could be.

I do not think I am in error about this subject as I have double checked and used meditation and prayer to either "become corrected" about this subject or to be shown any areas that I may have made mistakes in.

After 25 years you have lots of opportunities with which to become corrected on any thing you may do and think.

I have made lots of mistakes in the past about this subject and have made corrections accordingly.

As said above, do with it as "you will".

The human factor behind all evil that takes place on this planet through conspiracies through the agencies of governments and other organizations have been expertly stitched together by one family of ancient origin.

This ancient family's name is "the Kenites". According to the Strong's Concordance the word "Kenite" means, "the children of Cain", and or the sons of Cain.

It is as simple as that. It is "good" against "evil". It is the "light" against the "darkness".

I don't think anyone being intellectually "balanced" can argue that there is no "evil" in the world. I have heard this "new age" religion argument repeated ad nauseaum and anyone that thinks that way has every right to that belief system, but I have already thought about this and have rejected this "new age religion" for myself.

Behind this human factor known as the "Kenites" there is a group of "alien" beings that support them in their war against the "light". This group of "alien beings" are in my opinion 5th density beings and their may be also some 6th density beings here as well and they are "led" by their "Stellar Commander" who we all know as "Lucifer", hence the world wide movement through the human agencies called governments to the "Luciferian" doctrine of killing all human entities that are trying to be "of the light" and or are concerned about the "welfare of others".

Light against the dark. This struggle is written about in every human record that has been found to date.

There of course is lots more I could write about this as I am sure there are many on this forum that already knows these things as none of this is "new" by any means.

Food for thought as it may be a good idea to know just exactly "who" our enemies really are, besides I never did like calling "them", "they".

Enjoy this food of thought or if you will this "can of worms".

PS, This is for all "higher critics" that are so prevalent these days. I know the Bible has been changed by groups or committees. And in your mind nothing in the Bible can be trusted and or believed.Again you have every right to these beliefs.

Since the "organized" religions are corrupt then so must the Bible be as well. I am familiar with your arguments as well and you are entitled to believe this if you wish.

The Bible has been tampered with of course. In order to "transliterate" the "Hebrew" into "English", changes have to be made or you could not read it unless you read Hebrew, Chaldee, Greek and Aramaic. So save your breath and energy for better things. Yes I also know that many books have been left out and therefore the Bible cannot be taken to have any value at all because of this.

Again, if you think there could be a "real" God, or a "creator" that could not get his word to his "children" then I too would not want to serve that "God", but the "God I Know" is a little bit smarter that the things he created.

Focus against the "Kenites" by telepathic means if you wish to defeat them that want to destroy everyone not in their club.

Do not believe this post without first checking within yourself if it may be correct.
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Default Re: Who are the "THEY" in conspiracies

Cheers for the info Gabe.

I would rather have the chance to learn and disagree than remain ignorant.

So I'm reading.
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