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Post Experiences with nature spirits

I would love to hear about anyone who has seen/experienced anything to do with the little people.

I myself havnt but my grandmother had two encounters in the 1950s. The first was a nighttime visitation from a small and plump thing with thin limbs. It came to look at my mother who at the time had just been born. My grandmother felt it leaning on her side and turned over to find it running to the bedroom door - which it passed through like a ghost.

The second encounter happened when my mother was about six years old. My grandmother felt a chill in the house but couldnt establish its origin. My mother then screamed and called my gran to the front room. My gran rushed in and found my mum cowering in a corner of the room. At first gran thought there had been a rat in the house but my mother pointed to the fireplace. Nothing was there so she asked my mother what she was pointing at. She described what had happened - a little, slim man dressed in green clothing was sat near the fire. His legs where crossed and both hands where under its chin(in a V shape). It turned its head to look as my mother ran into the room. It had the face of a very old man which made it look frightening. When my mother screamed, it faded away.

To this day, both mum and gran can still recall these experiences.

Anybody out there had anything similar happen?
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