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Default Re: You Must Choose Soon part 2

What is money?

On the surface it sounds like a simple question.
Many think it is paper in our pocket called Federal Reserve notes.

Are you active in "End The Fed"? "End The Fed" is a nice slogan but it is missing the .....by line.

"End The Fed"..... by what? By shooting the Federal Reserve Chairman? That wouldn't work, another would take his place.

"End The Fed" ..... by protesting inside fenced in protest zones, then go for coffee after the protest? Oh yeah don't forget your demonstration permit.

"End The Fed" .....by telling the legislature to not allow the Fed to "loan" America 750 billion dollars plus? THAT REALLY WORKED LOLOLOLOLOL.

"End The Fed" .....by having a great American strike day? hmmm? That's come and gone but we still have the Fed.

"End The Fed"..... BY DOING WHAT?!..... by first knowing what they do, then second...


Who are these guys, and what are their plans? Andrew Jackson said they are a bunch of organized crooks.

Who are the men behind our money system?

Is it time to join the militia and help them round up traitors in congress along with Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, and Ben Bernanke, just to start?

In the meantime if you don't want to join the militia and help round up the traitors you can join the money revolution, by first knowing who they are.

In recent years knowledge of our fiat money system has become fairly well known and understood, but has it?

Do we really know what the Federal Reserve is?

These and many other questions are better understood when one knows the history of current money system.

You might want to go through this series about the the Federal Reserve and their current fiat money system.

Fiat Empire One

Fiat Empire Two

Fiat Empire Three

Fiat Empire Four

Fiat Empire Five

Fiat Empire Six
Pay particular attention to the free market solution!

And second "End The Fed".... by dumping the dollar and joining the money revolution!

The introduction of another money system by the free market does not have to happen within a state, it can start within a community of people willing to participate in it.

Then again, you can wait till this spring when you will be offered the new international monetary system by the same wonderful people that run the Federal Reserve.

Let's hang 'em this Saturday at high noon EST.

Lynching details below;
Silver Round Table - conference call
Saturday 3pm EST (yes this is a schedule change)
The call in number is 646 727-1307 or you can participate via internet by going to the following link;

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