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Default Where Focus goes, Energy follows

Where Focus goes, energy follows

*I will regularly update this thread with new sub-topics*

Alex Collier;

Recently, I enjoyed the last Alex Collier's speech in Los Angeles. In this very informative interview, he mentioned: 'Where focus goes, energy follows'. I want to emphasize on this key understanding. I know many here already understand it well, but there is still some clouded area that I see in many posts.

The source;

You will probably ask yourself from where I based my ideas. It's a long story, but to make it short I will simplify by saying most of these understandings were unlocked as reading the 'New Paradigm' series, the four books. I actively practice and use the Universal Laws since many years now and dialogue with the presence within. Not only me, but my wife and my kids as well. So, all I mention here have been experienced first hand. All my life has drastically changed for the better since then… Please do not read it quickly, take your time.

The Universal Laws;

It is imperative to understand how it works. Because the ignorance of the Universal Laws is the source of many global problems on Earth. The Universal Laws are directly at play here. The Universal Laws at the consciousness level.


Consciousness is where reality takes shape. What you hold into your mind, your heart, your attitude, the words you use, anything that emanates from you has a signature, a vibration, a frequency. It goes from yourself to your surrounding just like a signal from a transmitter. The amplitude of the 'signal' is proportional to the emotive charge it carries and the strength of the intention. The frequency of the signal is according to the level of consciousness the signal comes from. If I feel love for my child while I hold him in my arms, this love is an intelligent signal of high frequency. It comes out of me and crosses everything on its path, loosing magnitude gradually, as it moves away from my sphere of influence. Everyone and everything near me will catch this high frequency signal and will be influenced by it. This is true for any emotion/thoughts.

The natural flow of creative Energy;

The natural flow of creative Energy is present in all things. It is the Energy consciousness uses to shape reality. The Creation's Consciousness uses it to create Realities. When your will is in harmony with the will of Creation, your creative power is in harmony with the natural flow of creative Energy. This is very strong and will manifest. The actual focus of the Elite to maintain Humanity into servitude and ignorance is opposed to the natural flow of creative Energy. This focus has to be maintained with extreme strength and dedication. Of course we help them unconsciously. But as soon as enough people will focus on freedom, peace and mature love, the reality will change for the best for all because of the resonance of their focus with the natural flow of creative Energy. This is our future no matter what some might believe.


Being conscious of this reality is becoming responsible for what comes out of us. Because when you realize that all emanation from yourself has an impact around yourself, you begin to care about it. You become responsible for what you are and what you cause around you. No more 'it's not my fault' attitude.

Law of Attraction (frequency);

The time/space into which the 'signal' travels is a living being, Creation is a living being. The Creation responds to these signals it carries like a mirror (Law of Attraction). It reflects back to the emitter a reality in concordance to the signal originally sent by the emitter. It is the resonance effect when two vibrations enters in synchronicity at harmonious frequencies. The Law of Attraction could be called the Law of Resonance.

Law of Intention/Focus (amplitude);

If someone maintain a strong intention with sharp focus, a clear idea, simple and visual, using strong meaningful personal symbolism and feel a strong emotion about this thought, regularly every day during a long period of time, this intention will come to be real into this person life (Law of Intention/Focus). It might be different than the image sent, it depends on many factors, like the dedication to the focus and the trust in the creative process. The emotion is the amplitude factor in the intention. How strong you want it?

Law of Allowance/Trust;

The trust into the process is of prime importance. You have to trust the process by allowing it freely to happen without interference (Law of Allowance). We interfere every time we think about how it might happen, what will be the steps to make it come to be real. This is a mistake. It simply reset all the creative process. So, it means one have to focus on the ends. What you want. Not how you want it to manifest. Doubt in the process also reset the creative process to take place.

Law of Balance/Harmony;

When the process is completed, the person enjoys its result and there is a balance/harmony which settles down the creative energy ready for another build up (Law of Balance/Harmony).

The Lightning analogy;

An analogy to this is the lightning. When water molecules go up in the atmosphere, it scrubs with air molecules and exchange electrons, ionizing the air, creating a space of electrical tension. The tension between Earth and the cloud newly formed increase as the water molecules evaporates. There is a build up of energy made by an imbalance of electrons between the cloud and the Earth. Just like a consciousness focused on a very precise thought will gather creative Energy around the idea focused. But, if the wind is strong and/or the evaporation of water decrease, the cloud might dissipate and nothing would occur. This is just like a focus not strong enough or/and the trust/allowance not present, it dissipate the build up and the manifestation of the idea does not take place. Nevertheless, the energy is never lost even if the lightning does not appear or the thought focused does not manifest, it will be used for another creative process. But, if the cloud accumulates or looses enough electrons to break the resistance in between, the excess of electrons on one side, be it Earth or cloud side, will travel to the other side, this is the lightning. After the electrons in excess have traveled to the other side there is a balance of electrons on both sides and the cloud dissipate, the tension disappears, harmony takes place. The process of manifesting reality with our consciousness works pretty much the same way.


The largest part of our consciousness is our subconscious. This part is so important because it does use the Universal Laws just like our conscious part. Sometimes, our subconscious opposes our focus/intention without even being aware of it. We keep focusing hard and with dedication, but nothing seems to work. This is because our subconscious acts during our non-focusing time in an opposing direction. A good example is someone who badly wants to meet a serious lover to build a family. No matter how hard he/she maintained her/his focus, it does not work. After exploring in depth into her/his life, the person realize an event in the past has created a deep mark in her/his consciousness. A belief of not deserving to be father/mother or husband/wife, a belief that family only brings up problems and takes away freedom, a belief that the opposite sex means problems ahead. These are few examples how unconsciously you can disrupt your conscious focus.

Being Awake and Aware;

Being awake and aware is making the unconscious part of our consciousness to become conscious. Increasing the aware part of our consciousness. This can be done by using the Universal Laws. Instead of using the Laws 'to have' or 'to do', using them 'to become'… And first of all, becoming aware. Self conscious of who you are and the universe you live in. This can be your prime desire. It is priceless…

The Mental Manipulation;

The Elite knows all about this. They know about the Universal Laws of consciousness. They certainly do not wish the population of the planet to know about it. This is where the religion and the belief system based on sin is very useful to them. This is also the reason why we see such evilness and negativity present in the movie industry, music industry, fashion industry, television, literature industry, etc… The media are also very productive to maintain our focus and attention on negativity, overwhelming problems, wars, crimes, etc… While we focus on all this negativity, we polarize our focus and the Universal Laws create us a reality according to our focus. So we'll get more wars, crimes and pollution for the future… This is how it works.

The Solution;

What we can do is not complex, but not simple either because many are addicted to the system's toys. We have to stop feeding this industry of fear and darkness by focusing on what we want. We just have to drop many, many things the system throws at us. Feeding your soul with garbage from the system polluting your consciousness with image of violence, fear and crime will carve the matrix into your subconscious. It will oppose your conscious dream of freedom and peace. Simply let it go. We create our own happiness. We create our own nightmares, consciously or unconsciously. The solution is to withdraw our focus on the system and maintain a focus on a new free world. Where the basic necessities of all are met and free. Where our time is dedicated to what we like to do and give freely to the community our skills and time.

The beliefs;

Your addiction is probably the most needed thing you will have to drop, if it comes from the Elite and has a purpose to maintain your life as a captive human. The belief system of sin and the prediction of the apocalypse as today's reality are also meant to keep our focus on negativity. There are so many things created and corrupted to maintain us in a victim consciousness state and making us believe it’s natural and normal. There are many among us who strongly believe we are deeply bad and selfish. That wanting something is selfish or delusional. That wars and conflict are natural. That crime, poverty and bullying are natural. That competition is good to encourage us to be better at what we do. That there is too many people on Earth. That natural law is the law of the stronger. That we should use a sword against a sword. Don't you see it clearly that it only leads us to more nightmares? All these assumptions are not necessary true, but they are real because we believe them to be true. So they manifest in our world. It is all about us… All about our consciousness…

The power of Blessing;

Blessing is very powerful because it is an intention of the highest vibration. It is the intention of the best outcome happening for the blessed. It is what Angels do. And you do not need to be priest or have holy water to do it. You only need your consciousness. Remember, it is the Universal Laws at work. Blessing not only is freewill respected wish for someone to have the best future possible, but also comes back to the one who bless because of the Law of Attraction.

I could write more about this topic, but it would become too heavy for a thread on this site. Freewill, Sphere of influence, Symbolism, victim consciousness and the Presence within are topics I haven't touch much and I will try to come back on these because they are important. But as for now, I'll keep it this way and open this topic to your comments, opinions and questions.

Namaste, Steven

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