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Default The red illumination of the night sky...

I am new here and I first want to say I have much reading and discovering to do, which excites me. I'm sure many have had amazing experiences and I look forward to the discussions.

I am 25 years old and live outside of Chicago. About 2 years ago, my brother and myself witnessed something that changed my sense of reality. Although it was amazing, it only was the start of a journey for myself that has brought about a powerful actualization. I hope to know if anyone has had a similar experience.

It was about 2 am and my girlfriend had just left and my brother arrived home about 5 minutes after. Suddenly he yelled for me to come outside. I can remember vividly first seeing the look on his face, a look that I had never seen. I looked up and saw nothing. I said "What the hell?" I remember vividly, it had been a stormy night, very very windy. Suddenly though, it was amazingly calm. My brother said, "wait, wait, Oh my God I don't believe what just happened" Then suddenly, like a lightswitch just flipped on, this amazingly vivid and bright red glowing light illuminated about 1/8 of the sky. It was like nothing I'd ever seen. It was not coming from the ground and was so powerful neither of us could provide an explanation.

Then suddenly it flickered and went of. Then it came back on again for about 30 seconds, flickered a few times again and went off for good. Suddenly, the wind picked back up.

Me and my brother immediately jumped in his car and drove towards the light. There had to be something we thought, but nothing. I called my girlfriend in a dizzy yelling..."did you see that, did you see that light?" She laughed at me and told me I was nuts.

This light defied every logic my brother and I could think of. To this day we still discuss it regularly, and everyday I think about it. When I saw it, I felt a rush, a feeling of extreme liveliness. It is a feeling that has not left me.

Shortly after that experience, I was driving home and I again saw something that defied all I know. There was a black SUV driving with tinted black windows, that first off, did not fit in to my suburban neighborhood. Suddenly, out of the front windshield, the most amazing green laser beam shot straight out. It was a thick cylinder, thicker than a baseball bat, and was so intense and vivid. I slowed down and looked back because I couldn't tell if it was coming from the vehicle, or at it. I couldn't tell though because the laser went as far as I could see. I looked and no one else was around. The laser was slime green, extremely bright and vivid, and looked to have a sort of glow and slight movement on the inside of it. I must also state, it was not dark. It was about dusk, so there was still a decent amount of light.

These experiences have launched my life into a new dimension, and some of my childhood experiences are starting to make more sense. Feelings, dreams, dejavu, powerful "coincidences." It all seems to me now like I am being prepared for something. Something I have no idea yet what it is, but I have no more doubt. It is so clear and peaceful within. The love, peace, and liberty that is being stomped from our hearts, I can not stand it. I am very very angry. This dirty, filthy, money grubbing society that polutes and laughs at all the beauty that GOD created. Their weapons have no force against unified spirit. The time quickly approaches and there is nothing to fear but your own action. Mistakes are meant to be made. EVIL ALWAYS COMES, IT WILL NEVER GO. LOOK HOW SCAREY THEY ARE! LOOK AT HOW THEY PROVE HOW "SCAREY" THEY CAN BE.
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