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Wink The Duality of Light and Dark

The Duality of Light and Dark

The darkness can be used as a tool to harness or repulse the light.
The duality of the universe is a system of balance. Each aspect of light and dark holds a purpose.

Light - the energy of love and expansion - positive polarity
Dark - absence of Love - negative polarity

The total consciousness involves both and is referred to as polarity consciousness.
In our physical manifestation we experience both the negative and the positive.
This allows us to learn and grow spiritually in the physical reality. Spiritual work involves both heavily.

The Source of all Creation contains pure love energy.
It is the source of the quantum black hole we live in called
the universe. The dark plays a big role in holding the light in various
expressions. We see the beauty of how the light is placed next to the
light. We can comprehend shapes and form. There are many
frequencies of light and dark in the spectrum of creation.

Your soul gets to explore all areas of the physical, mental, and spiritual.
Although you are a connection to the source, your soul journey
can choose to be in solitude or connect. But either way, your path
is of your own making. Being a creator you have this freedom.
Although, in the physical journey there are many more limitations
and many great lessons can be learned with the light and the dark.

As you spiritually evolve you move through different stages of
challenges and gain more wisdom along the way. Your soul is eternal.
And the universe is infinite.

But for now, enjoy your time here on planet Earth. And I hope that
you re-discover your beauty within. May we look at life as a gift
of personal self exploration and reflection. Whether we choose to connect
to light or dark, either way you are evolving in your own unique way.
Your unique vibrational frequency is special.

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