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Default Why Thailand?

Thailand offers many unique advantages to anyone preparing for upcoming changes.

These include:
(1) fertile land with abundance of food, not just rice, but huge number of fruits and vegetables growing everywhere. Also plenty of other useful plants such as bamboo, rattan, grasses, herbs, trees.
(2) broad diet that opens many possibilities for food sources. Not only a range of fresh and salt water foods (fishes, crabs, eel, squid, crayfish, mollusks, etc) but additionally, Thai diet could include insects, grubs, ant eggs, frogs, cane rats (but not dogs, cats, or rabbits!). You will never starve to death in Thailand.
(3) inspirational King. Many years ago the much-revered King introduced the notion of a sufficiency economy, urging all Thais to become more self-sufficient. If you mention to a Thai that you are interested in small-scale farming, organic farming, biodiesal, reforestation, bee-keeping, natural soaps, etc their faces will light up and you'll get their full support.
(4) strong tradition of handicrafts. All items you need for day-to-day living are already made from natural materials in Thailand (eating utensils, housing/shelter, boats and nets, baskets, clothes, and so on)
(5) incredibly tolerant society. Whatever your appearance, sexual or religious orientation, Thais will let you be.
(6) generally low crime and violence, with strong sense of community, focused around the local temple. Public displays of anger or aggression are frowned upon.
(7) carefree attitude. Life must be "sanook" (fun) and when things do go wrong then it's "mai pen rai" (never mind/so be it). Thailand is known as "the land of smiles".
(8) foodstuff, clothing, raw materials, labor relatively cheap.
(9) very little regulation with less red-tape then most countries. You can construct whatever style house you want, modify your drive anyway you want, run a business with minimal inspections.
(10) climate is broadly tropical. Warm climate means no need for hot water systems, home heating, heavy clothes. Abundance of rain means water readily available.
(11) Thais are practical and can get by with very little. They can wash with just a few cups of water, sleep in a basic bamboo shelter, gather food from their surroundings.
(12) melting pot of cultures. Thailand is a long country stretching from Malaysia in the south to Laos in the north. There is also a strong Chinese influence, a strong Indian influence and a Western influence.
(13) gold is readily available and is easy to buy and sell (jewelery or bars). Most Thais buy gold as a hedge and reliable store of wealth.
(14) wide range of alternative automotive fuels available. From gasoline, diesal, bio-diesal, ethanol, and various types of gas.
(15) women are treated fairly and equal to men. Most construction sites or roadworks will include as many women as men, most small-scale businesses are run by women.

Naturally, it's not all rosy and Thailand has problems too. But overall this is a special country and worth considering.
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