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Default State of the Planet Discussion

13 November 2008

Today we met again with Miriam Delicado, who has recently returned to the Four Corners area from several weeks in South America. We also spent a while meeting with our friend Stephen Bassett, founder of the Paradigm Research Group and a prominent disclosure activist. Steve believes that Obama is perfectly positioned to be the 'Disclosure President'... in Spring 2009.

We captured 20 minutes of animated and thought-provoking conversation with Steve on video. While respecting our work and what we have achieved, Steve is wary of much of the Camelot material, and counseled us off-camera to be very careful about what we may be perceived to be endorsing.

In reply, we explained that we are deliberately presenting provocative information to the public which we believe has valid provenance, while fully respecting the work of all other mainstream (and possibly more cautious) researchers.

As is stated elsewhere on our site, we believe that 90% of our material is reliable, and we are not afraid to go places - and talk to people - that some others in the UFO community may be reluctant to visit. Ultimately, we are all working together, each doing what we can to further the cause of freedom of information.

Allied to this question is that of what kind of material we present, and to what extent it may be perceived as 'good news' or 'bad news'.

Our view is that refusing to look at reality will not help... and then, from that standpoint of being WILLING to look at reality, we causatively create the future we want.

In other words, to travel there, we have to depart from where we are, and we have to KNOW WHERE WE ARE to make that journey. Robert Fritz, the founder of DMA (and the author of The Path of least Resistance) talks extensively about this.

If we refuse to speak the name of the beast, the beast will do whatever it wants. We are not afraid of the beast... and we are not afraid to speak its name. That is not the same as invoking it, supporting it, or being responsible for its existence.

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Smile Re: State of the Planet Discussion

Very nice post there.

Yes, we have had to deal with the fact that one or more sources of information may be an insider with an agenda or a disinformation agent, etc.

Personally I respect Bob Dean and his interview in the Bob Dean thread I posted to just a moment ago.

That interview is 100% on the level.

As for Project Camelot, they are doing a fantastic job.
And I love their Tribute page here .....


As for "the state of the planet",
there are a variety of forces at work.
And one or more of those forces
wants to mess up the planet more
because they know something
along the lines of ... "From Chaos Comes Order".

And some other group subscribes to the quote...
"We Grow Through Conflict".

So it's all very interesting.

But I support Dr Steven Greer.

Mainly for the Extraterrestrial related information.

Because giving everyone free energy
is not going to fix the problems much.
i.e. Planet Earth does not need
a population of 8 or 10 or 12 or 22 Billion people.

And one problem with giving everyone
free energy is, some people in some
countries here and there are going
to use that infinite free energy
to invent other exotic technology.

For example someone in Fiji or New Zealand
hidden away in their garage inventing
mass mind control or something.

It's not just about worry for Nukes or Radiation,
because there are dozens of new ideas for
advanced technology people can come up with in their garage.

And not just the average joe and his dog.
But corporations are going haywire too ........

Quote : ... "Until recently, mankind lived a satisfying control of its decisions. But it is losing more and more the control of its own fate because of the growing use of advanced technologies, which have lethal consequences on the earthly and human ecosystems that will become irreversible. You are slowly but surely losing your extraordinary capacity to make life desirable. Your resilience will artificially decrease, independently of your own will. Such technologies exist that affect your body as well as your mind. Such plans are on the way. "

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Default Re: State of the Planet Discussion

18 November 2008

• We are working on converting the Project Avalon Forum into a subscription-based membership. Subscribed members will be able to take part in online discussions and debate, and will have a range of other benefits.

As with all our work, the forum will continue to be fully accessible on a read-only basis for those who prefer not to subscribe. It's one of our core principles that this information should be freely available to all.

This transition will go into effect in about a week. The membership fee we prefer (and which is needed for us to remain viable) is $5 per month. But there will be an option for people to choose to pay less ($1 per month) if they have low incomes or feel for any other reason that the cost is beyond their means.

We will also be making additional facilities available, such as regular online teleconferences on various subjects of interest, as well as small, private conferences with some of our witnesses.

In addition, we're writing The Book of Camelot, to be available soon as an e-book as well as in print. This is a massive work - which may be of quite some interest - and already runs to some 1500 pages in draft form.

The problem we're addressing is how best to fund Project Camelot. Project Avalon costs almost nothing to host compared with the running costs of the entire Camelot enterprise, which continues to expand in scope and potential.

After self-financing for two and a half years, and despite a number of very generous donations from people supporting our work, we are now running out of money and must find some viable and fair way of keeping afloat. Lots of people do not realize that we have no independent financial support, and have gone way out on very thin ice in order to do our work - all of which has been made freely available since Project Camelot's inception.

Camelot's research will always remain free on the web - because no-one can own this important information, that belongs to all of humanity. That is our firm position and will never change.

Bill Holden, as many of you know, is one of our witnesses... and was aboard Air Force One with President Kennedy who spoke to him about ETs.

Our interview with him is available here:


We saw him recently in Las Vegas when we were attending the Crash Retrieval Conference. He has fallen on hard times and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, as well as facing deep financial problems caused by a fraudulent financier who stole a very large amount of money.

Bill is currently trying to launch a major real estate project in Williams, Arizona as well as a 10,000+ acre development in Sonora, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez. Both projects are humanitarian. Bill writes that they would bring great value to the communities with employment, economic development, infrastructure development, hospital and related medical support, educational facilities, sports and recreation complexes, and destination resort development with related commercial and retail support.

If you know of anyone who can assist him financially during these hard times it would be greatly appreciated. He is a good, gentle man and of the highest integrity. Please contact us at support@projectcamelot.org with the name BILL HOLDEN in the subject line and we will forward your message along to him. He can also be reached directly at BHOLDEN43@aol.com.

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Default Re: State of the Planet Discussion

22 November 2008

• Yesterday I (Bill) had the great privilege of meeting with and interviewing Jim Humble, the inventor of MMS, at a conference in Germany. For those who may be unfamiliar, MMS is a simple self-treatment protocol that has been used by those suffering from cancer, malaria, and a number of other diseases. Some cases of cancer have been reported to have disappeared in a few weeks, and many cases of malaria in literally hours. Many other ailments have been reported to have responded equally dramatically.

It's our great pleasure to have the opportunity to make Jim's work more well-known. Jim is a delightful, brilliant and fascinating man, and we hit it off very well. We'll release the edited video as soon as we can.
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Default Re: State of the Planet Discussion

30 November

• I (Kerry) just completed two interviews that will be posted shortly as well as a written interview with JAMES of WingMakers.com. This is a very rare opportunity where we at Camelot were able to ask any number of questions we desired of the elusive James and were rewarded with a fantastic overview of some background behind the Wingmakers as well as insight into the deep cosmology that informs that site in addition to his two other sites: Lyricus.org and EventTemples.com. This interview should be out in the next day or two.
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