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Angry Shocking! The Mohawk Prophet Arrested! Outrage for this unjust Action!

From www.beyondthephysicalrealm.com

Outrage Over Arrest of "Splitting The Sky" and Three Other Protestors outside of the Telus Convention Centre on March 17, 2009

Canadians are not alone in their outrage over the arrest of four protesters outside of the Telus Convention Centre on March 17, 2009. With the aid of video evidence, the truth is spreading like global wild fire. Damn those shoe throwers! Caught on video in the very act as they symbolically threw thongs (flip-flpos) at a brick wall! Wow, Iím glad they were apprehended and cuffed before more harm was done!

Also documented on video is a personal friend of mine, a man named "Splitting The Sky" who took it upon himself to demand that police arrest the criminal Bush, and then attempted (without violence) to enter the facility, apparently to attempt a citizen's arrest on behalf of the people who have been killed or harmed by George W. Bush and his minions. He did not get far, as could be expected. Nonetheless, "Splitting The Sky" 60 years old, (a veteran native Mohawk activist and actor, aka John Boncore) was thrown to the ground, handcuffed, and taken to jail, where he was he was harshly beaten and charged with "assault" and "obstruction". This is a further insult to Canadians and the concept of "justice", in light of the crimes of Canada (aiding and abetting) for having allowed Bush to enter and to speak there. Rather than releasing him on his own recognizance, Splitting the Sky spent the night in jail, where he was harshly beaten, before being taken before a JP in the morning, and released on $500 bail, paid for by local activists.

For more on this story, video documentation, witness statements and radio interviews, go to: http://warcriminalsout.com/

Interviews with "Splitting The Sky" available at warcriminalsout.com include:

March 20th, 2009:

Dr. Bill Deagle interviews Splitting the Sky
(approx 17 minutes) Download mp3 (4 MBs)

Robb Revere interviews Splitting the Sky
(approx 60 minutes) Download mp3 (14 MBs)

(Wayne Prante of http://warcriminalsout.com/ was on in the first half hour of the Revere interview to introduce the issue, and STS joined in the second half hour)

STS (Splitting The Sky) Legal Defense Fund:

We do not yet have a bank account set up, but donations are urgently needed. He is back in Calgary now for some meetings, after recuperating in Lethbridge. He is to make his first appearance in court this coming Monday, March 23rd. He needs a professional team and it will cost a lot of money.

If you can help now, please call Tavis at: 1-403-606-7034

If you cannot help immediately, but can in the near future, send an e-mail with a pledge and your contact info to warcriminalsout@yahoo.ca and we will update you when the bank account is set up.

DVDs now available

If you would like to purchase a DVD of Splitting the Sky, we are asking $20, which will go to helping sustain him and his family, as the injuries he suffered and legal problems will affect his ability to work.

The DVDs feature 6 separate presentations about 9/11 and related issues, plus the Gustafsen Lake Standoff information that the MSM never told you, plus original music.

Send cheques or money orders, along with your name, address and phone number to:

Box 1492
Chase, BC
V0E 1M0


* If you would like multiple copies, we can make a package price for you. Send those requests to warcriminalsout@yahoo.ca

Other ways to help:
Please continue to share your opinions regarding the Bush visit, the arrest of STS and about the upcoming planned visit of Condi Rice in May, and the banning of George Galloway.

When sending E-mails to Harper, your MP and various ministers and Opposition "Leaders", you should also send CCs to all MPs in the House of Commons with the list at http://warcriminalsout.com/

If you have contacts outside Canada, please let them know and help get international attention for this case. The world needs to know what's going on in Canada.

We noted that US coverage of the events leading up to the Bush visit was better than in Canada (Democracy Now, Olberman, etc).

We welcome more radio and TV interviews!

The fight is not over. We are just getting started!

War Criminals OUT! http://www.warcriminalsout.com/

Our friend, Splitting The Sky, is a very remarkable man with a truly amazing life. If he had lived 150 years ago, we would be reading about him in our history books for his bravery and his undying effort to stand up for the oppressed. Today, those who own the media would not have you know anything about this great man. Splitting The Sky aka John Boncore is feared for what he knows. There have been numerous attempts on his life all of which were thwarted by what I believe is Divine Intervention. He is a dangerous man only in what he knows and can prove.

Carolyn "crhamlett"

Go to http://warcriminalsout.com/
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