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Default Re: Orange UFO's

sigh ... lol
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Default Re: Orange UFO's

Originally Posted by john-d View Post
Last month me and my partner watched an orange UFO fly directly over us while driving home one evening in Sheffield England . It was a very strange looking orb and had what looked like a beam of the same colour orange light moving back and forth in the direction it was heading . It looked like the beam was shining off the undercarriage of it ( we could only see the beam while it was directly over us). It was very exciting , im 39 and have always wanted to see one . We managed to record it on a phone after it had passed us but all you can see is an orange dot .
When we got home we started looking around the net for info and found that there are thousands of people seeing them at the moment .
I was wondering if there is anyone here that has seen them or if anyone has any info about them ?


I live in Plymouth and for the last 10 days I’ve noticed every night a few bright red lights always coming from the same direction and they would eventually change their colour to white and looked like moving stars.

However last night I looked out my back door (just after midnight) and there were dozens of them all heading west from east. My daughter at the same time looked out the front of the house and saw dozens more travelling north to south! My first thoughts were that they must be lanterns but I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t all travelling the same directions. I also noticed that some were extremely red whilst others were orange and as hard as I tried I did not see any flickering. There were also some that would travel much faster than others. Some would speed up to the ones in front and then would slow down to the same speed which I found quite odd. The sky was extremely clear with full moon and I observed this for over 20 minutes and then I went indoors as it was so darn cold and my neck began to hurt.

Very interesting and the feeling that I was left with was not a good one – but they were pleasing on the eye!
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Default Re: Orange UFO's

I saw another one last night IMO definitely a lantern
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Default Re: Orange UFO's

A friend has just called and told me of a sighting last night over Redditch, my home town. Typical, head in a book and I miss all the action. At around 12.30 last night - the waking part of 2010 - ten orange glowing objects could be seen from various parts over the town, then another appeared.

By all account, these sound like the same has the one that I saw a few months ago. After doing a very quick search, I saw that these lights are a nightly thing over the U.K.

I'm fed up now with lights, I want to meet the fliers of those shiny orange balls of controversy. Am I asking too much? Or am a prepared for what I shall find?

Love and Light...(Doh, more lights)...
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