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Post Seeking to create, or join a sustainable a community


This is my second thread on this subject, now that Kerry and Bill have offered the forum for free, in an effort to find the right situation I'm posting again. I love the vibe and feel here on the PA forum, this is the closest thing to a "like minded" group of people I've come across in a long, long time. I'm currently living in Los Angeles, single, never had children and what's left of my family is spread to the four winds. I've spent the last two years buried researching the varied and complicated aspects of 2012 and it's still hard to believe that even in 2009 when you begin talking about the presence ET life on Earth, that these things are still taboo and most people will look at you like your the alien when you bring it up.

There's also a spiritual, or metaphysical aspect to the work going on here which is what makes PC and the PA forum so special. When I ran upon the work of Kerry & Bill with Project Camelot, I it found it to be the most resonating source for information I've found since my spiritual background is in metaphysics. It's like coming home after a long, arduous journey and now that I have a handle on the bigger picture, going into 2012 is certainly not something a female like myself cares to tackle on my own.

As a teenager I was aware of the coming Earth changes, but in the late seventies no one was about to listen to my thoughts. Now that things have changed finding a community of people aware of the upcoming change and understands the importance of preparation makes the most sense, there's also something to be said for "power in numbers".

As a child growing up in the late 60's watching people protest against the war in the peace movement, I noticed communes were a popular way of life for many people. Unfortunately by the late 70's when I left home as a teenager, the concept of communal living had seen it's peak and was virtually unheard of.

But now, at this time in history the communal lifestyle makes more sense than ever as a way to face the coming changes. Being part of a group where there's a heavy emphasis on spirituality, the ascension process, sustainability, living in harmony off the grid and with a mind set of unified team work really makes sense now. Which is a good segue into the firearms issue...

Perusing this site I've noted the debate on firearms, which is always a hot topic. My philosophy leans toward, and envisions living in harmony without guns. It's a proven fact that spiritual protection and strength thru visualization are very powerful means of offense, as well as defense and when used properly the most effective forms of protection.

Many years ago, my own spirit guides, or Higher power saved my life from a situation that a gun would have been useless in. So firearms is a sticky issue, it seems that if you have guns on the property that simply the negative energy of having a gun in and of itself, might attract violence or a situation that needs addressed with guns? Seems like a natural security system like mastiffs and booby traps on the property, daily group visualizations & meditations for protection; as well as other means of security, make more sense when humanity's destination is a non-violent world and in learning our true powers of co-creation.

Violence is never the answer, that's just a lack of faith in our own creativity....where's MacGuyver when you need him

In real world skills to offer, I bring a lot of professional management and sales experience to the table. I have excellent administrative skills and work well with people from all walks of life. I consider myself a writer and also have good oral and written communication skills, as well as having a good eye for editing other people's material....now my own material is another story

SKILLS: I cook, garden am also handy with a hammer, screw gun and measuring tape for odd jobs around the house. Partially remodeled a home built in 1864, as well as built a new 3000' sq ft home with my ex husband. I've been researching eco-friendly living that also incorporates safety design features for withstanding high winds, earthquakes, power outages and other sustainability features, so I bring many fresh ideas and plenty of good energy to the household team.

I have a life time of experience handling animals including cats, dogs, birds, fish and horses. Natural medicine and forms of healing is another passion, so I have a familiarity with herbs and other forms of natural medicine.

Your welcome to visit my "professional" profile to review my resume and personal recommendations on LinkedIn:

I enjoy writing, you can check out my work on a variety of subjects at Allvoices.com:

A natural born people person, I'm very good with people and am a natural born leader. If you need help managing the house I'm a Certified Resident Manager and can assist with property management, as well as household administration. I'm a highly resourceful individual and very handy around the house. I have good interior/exterior decorating and light maintenance skills; and have managed maintenance, building and landscaping crews. No job is considered too big or too small and I'm not scared of getting my hands dirty.

As a housemate, I'm considered to be responsible, have a great sense of humor, cleanly, honest, friendly, low-drama, always considerate and respectful of others personal space & belongings and I get along well with most everyone - even the cat and the dog! I'm deeply spiritual, quiet and somewhat of a geek that spends a lot of time on the internet learning about whistleblowers and all the fascinating knowledge coming forward on our past, present and future.

But, there's also never a substitute for spending quality time around intelligent, well informed, spiritually enlightened people. It just seems like there are fewer and fewer aware people living here in Lalaland better known as Burbank, Ca. Did everyone leave here for a radiant zone and leave me here with all the comatose wing-nuts, wack-o-doodles and loony-tunes?

Some quiet, peaceful mountain air and a community of like minded, spiritually aware people is definitely what the doctor ordered right now - a welcome breath of fresh air I'm thirsting to take in.

If anyone can help with leads, or advise on established communities seeking new members, it would be deeply appreciated. On the other hand, if there are others like myself with similar aspirations that feel the need to prepare for the future and want to build a sustainable community off-the grid, lets talk. I'm open to ideas, as well as having a few thoughts of my own for building a community in the four corners area of Southern Colorado. I'm also open to the Pacific Northwest as an option too.

There's never been a better time to come together and all it takes is the right people coming together to make the decision and do it. The perfect vision for the long run is in linking all these communities together, so we can all share in our experience towards evolving an eco-friendly, spiritually evolved and sustainably harmonious way of living with each other in nature.

I'm open to ideas and situations from living on a farm helping a family, living as a roommate with others sharing a home, becoming part of an eco-village or communal effort would be welcome too. If you are thinking along the same lines and you want to leave the city but don't have the time to find a place, let me do that for you and we can build a place together, there are some great deals on property right now. I know people like myself who aren't ready yet, but are wanting to leave late next year.

Like Kevin Costner in a Field of Dreams, once you make your mind up and put the energy out there....Almost like magic the right people, the ways, the means $$$ and the right opportunity will all come together in synchronicity to make the dream manifest and everything to make it happen will fall in place.

Thank you for your time...with blessings and the kindest regards,

aka AscendingStarseed

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