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Default The incredible story of the battle of LA!

February 25th 1942: An air raid siren shattered the peaceful sleep of the residents, and volunteer Air Raid Wardens grabbed their gear, and headed to the streets, affecting a total blackout. Army's 37th Coast Artillery Brigade swung into action, lighting up the clear, black skies with their massive spotlights. What they saw was beyond belief.
First radio reports said that the army was firing at possibly a blimp. This is due to the fact that the term "flying saucer" was not introduced until 1945.

The day after the military released information that it was a weather balloon other reports claimed the event didn't even happen (anyone living in LA during '42 can tell you something DID happen). Obviously we can dismiss the weather balloon theory since the Army fired over 15,000 anti-aircraft rounds (a lot of them direct hits) and nothing seemed to stop the machine.

Link and radio commentry
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Default Re: The incredible story of the battle of LA!

What an incredable event it was.
Good posting.
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Smile Re: The incredible story of the battle of LA!

Excellent post.

It is an undeniable actual event.

But the old question is ...
"Were the space craft good ETs, not so good ETs, or secret human projects, or other".

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