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Exclamation Astham Part 1: Cleaning Chemicals & Laundry Soap

Astham Part 1: Cleaning Chemicals & Laundry Soap

By: Brother Nate

This information may come to you as a shock for you wouldn't really think it would have a impact but whatever you put on your skin you absorb into your body no matter what it is.

Even if it goes through a process where you think it would rinse it away it doesn't fully go away. So I want you check out these notes.

A few things about Laundry Soap and cleaner companies is that they do not have to disclose their ingredients, they have the choice to but it is not required by law.

They also change periodically
Due to reformulation or simply the use
of alternative ingredients to reduce cost

Ingredients in Laundry Soap


Surfactants are used in Laundry Soap to really make water wetter in fabrics.

Hydrocarbon and Sulfuric Acid are used to make these Surfactants, they are used to take positive charge, No charge or Negative charge in the water to help remove stains and soak the fabrics better.

But Surfactants slowly degrade and are of low to moderate toxicity. It also helps the absorbtion of other ingredients into the water so keep this in mind.

Anionic (Negative Charge)
Noionic (No Charge)
Cationic (Positive Charge)
Amoptheric (Either Positive or Negative Charge)

All leading brands of Laundry Soap cator to these ingredients:

Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates:

(ABS) Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates
(LAS) Linear Alkyl Sodium Sulfonate

These are Synthetic Surfactants (ID: "Anionic Surfactants")

In the Alkyl Sulfonates Benzene is a known Carcinogen that effects reproduction (Linear Alkyl Benzene Surfactants are most common)

It slowly biodegrades and is of Low to Moderate Toxicity

Alkyl Benzene and Alkyl Sodium are also known to cause Asthma attacks.

Alkyl Phenoxy Polyethoxy Ethanols (APPE):

(also known as nonyl phenoxy ethoxylate or Nonyl Phenol)

APPE is a Synthetic Surfactant and is slow to biodegrade

APPE has been implicated in chronic health problems, a research done in England has found that it activates estrogen receptors in cells which alters the activity of certain genes.

For Example in Experiments

It stimulates breast cancer cells & feminizes male fish, a member of this family of chemicals is a common spermicide, this chemical also causes reproductive harm (carcinogenic)

APPE has tested Positive for Asthma Re-Action

Artifical Fragrances:

Are made from petroleum. Many do not degrade & have toxic effects on both fish & mammals. They cause allergies of the skin and eyes

Artifical Fragrances have been tested positive for Astham Re-Action


(also diethanolamine, triethanolamine & monoethanolamine)

Diethanolamines is a synthetic family of surfactants - it is used to neutralize acids

-To make them non-irritating in products-

(Slow to biodegrade)

They re-act with natural nitrogen oxides & sodium nitrite pollutant in the atmosphere to form, Nitrosamines.

A Very Potent Carcinogen

Diethanolamines has test positive for Asthma Re-Action

Optical Brighteners:

Synthetic chemicals that applied to clothing converts UV Light wavelengths to visible light thus making it look "Whiter" when it really is not

+Optical Illusion+

It is toxic to fish and creates bacterial mutations causes allergic re-actions when in contact with skin and exposed to sun light.

-Most optical brighteners are given trade names which consumers are unlikely to see on a label-

Optical Brighterners are huge producers in Asthma Re-Action

Petroleum Distillates:

(Also Napthas)

Dial (The Soap Company) uses Napthas FYI

Napthas is a broad category encompassing almost every type of chemical obtained directly from the petroleum refining process.

Any ingredient as

-"Petroleum Distillate"

Should be suspect as it is

-First synthetic
-Second likely to cause one or more detrimental health or
environmental effects

Naptha is a known Asthma Re-Actor


Similar chemical structure to certain plastics and Acrylic compounds.

(Synthetic Phosphate Substitues)

This is a new introduced chemical in cleaners until further study analysis are conducted, use of this ingredient is not recommened

-Not Biodegradable & Petroleum Based-

Very Possible Carcinogenuc and a Asthma Re-Actor

Polyethylene Glycol (ALSO CALLED PEG):

Type of Anti-redeposition agent

Peg is a polymer made from ethylene oxide and is similar to some non-ionic detergents

Peg is slow to biodegrade and is synthetic

XX**XX ===

Ethylene Oxide is used clinically to induce asthma attacks

XX**XX ===

Quaternium 15:

An alkyl ammonium chloride used as a surfactant disinfectant & deodorant that releases Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a Extra potent Toxin

Quaternium 15 has tested positive for Astham Re-Action.
It is also in cosmetics!

Xylene Sulfonate:

Is a synthetic that, when reacted with sulfuric acid, creates surfactant like I described earlier.

(Hydrocarbon & Sulfuric Acid)

Known Asthma Re-Actor

This is a huge part of the problem with asthma, this is another step that I found to be just as important as the diet you hold, such chemicals are used in your everyday life without you knowning it.

Get some natural biodegradable laundry soap from a natural grocery store, its not cheap but again how bad do you want change? Be sure that you check your ingredients of what you buy if it says PEG or Blue 1, Yellow 5 don't use it dont use it if it says Artifical Fragrances (or any other one that I mentioned).

Keep your-self aware of what you use and put on your skin or surround yourself with!

Peace N Love
-Brother Nate
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