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Default Dr. Turi Moon Power Starguide Oct. 6 - Oct. 14 Forecast

MON., TUE., WED., THU., FRI. — OCTOBER 6, 7, 8, 9, 10:
RULERS — Jupiter (legality/education) Saturn (politicians/old age) and Uranus (sovereignty/originality).

Work, Career and Business: Following the last few days of destructive Pluto in our lives, Jupiter and Saturn’s restructuring powers will be a blessing for some organizations and your own business. Expect a new beginning offered to you. Uranus might also throw great surprising developments your way. With the New Moon, get active and get what you need; the timing is now right. If the work that you are doing is inappropriate or stressful, with Uranus in charge you can only happily look for the needed changes. Resolve to find a new career soon and for the lucky ones expect a well-deserved promotion.

Partnerships: Be original; don’t let others pressure you into following them instead of your own heart. You will not build anything until you break new ground. Stressful situations stimulate you to become more independent. Meditate on where you are going in your life and don’t be afraid of tomorrow. There is no better time for new and progressive change. Be nice to others and get active on the social scenery.

Family and Friends: Expect interesting surprises during these days as many will be back with the people of their past. Uranus also makes the children very active and they will drive you a little crazy. Don’t be afraid of computers; a study in this area will open many new opportunities. Watch the children carefully this weekend, especially close to bodies of water.

Love Affairs: Friends will call you and with Uranus’ touch (surprises) try-doing things you would not usually do and go to unusual places on a whim. Visit your future and invest in astrology or the psychic phenomena. Time for catching UFOs on film, and see them materializing in this dense physical world. If you want to see something astonishing go for it now! Uranus may decide to grant one of your important wishes. Love can be found now; get active, do not turn down any invitations. If you are an Aries, a Libra or a Leo may fall for you. An Aquarius friend will surprise you.

Travel and Communication: You may be thinking to visit your past. Do not turn down an invitation, as a professional contact could bring people who will positively influence your career. For this occasion, you may feel like spending some money on your car. Some may get stuck in airports as Uranus may disturb electronic equipment. If some of your plans get canceled; don’t be mad, be patient.

Environment: On a sad note, keep in mind that Uranus rules earthquakes. Thus volcanoes, earthquakes, explosions, are high on the list. Let’s hope that he won’t do anything silly now, but he usually does. Flying is fine but the weather will make the trip bumpy. A blackout or trouble with electronics is high on the list too.

Famous Personalities: Many famous people will be really active in helping those less fortunate. Beautiful music, great movies and great actors of the past will come alive. SECRETS WILL COME TO LIGHT.

Events: Saturn rules politics, so expect surprising announcements from foreign governments. Under his power in 1997 in Africa, many armed men staged a coup attempt in Sierra Leone. President reportedly flees to Guinea. Armed men launched a coup attempt and said they had taken power in this West African nation. A spokesman, who identified himself as Cpl. Gborie, went on national radio and said that junior army ranks had ousted President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.

Shopping: Electronic components will fail; you may be forced to invest in new equipment. You may want to pay a visit to your future and meet with your favorite “spiritual guide.” Any electronic tools bought now will bring you luck in your business.

Full Moon — October 14, 2008 in the warlike sign of Aries.

This upcoming trend will be tough for many. With Mars in Scorpio (power/sex/drama/death) avoid confrontations and be aware of accidents. Be ready for serious news involving the Dow Jones/stock Market and coming from the banking industry in the near future. With fanatic Pluto (death) in the pious sign of Sagittarius (foreigners), a new and disturbing development with Asia and the Middle East is to be expected. Anticipate a negative development pertaining to oil spills or explosions, even terrorist activity, to take place in the near future in the US or supporting countries. Sad news from Switzerland and Germany is ahead of us too. Be ready for devastating forces producing destructive weather and flooding in different parts of the world. Do not lose faith in the future; we all must go on. The stars are a reflection of God and his Divine plan for all of us and we must go through with it. Do not lose faith, but expect news of aggressivity explosions and wars.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries - The Full Moon in your sign means lots of painful restructures for you.
Taurus - Do not let this full Moon depress you, let go of the past.
Gemini - A friend will deceive you and a wish won’t come true.
Cancer - Career setbacks are ahead, just be patient and all will be fine.
Leo - Stress from foreign affairs or a difficult study, perseverance is the key.
Virgo - A legacy won’t go well and a person close to you may have to go.
Libra - A secret will bring light to your world. Let go of the past.
Scorpio - Problems at work might get to your health, take it easy.
Sagittarius - Stress with love, gambling and children is on the agenda for you.
Capricorn - Be aware of fire and avoid fighting in the home, real estate stress.
Aquarius - Slow down your brain if you can and learn to listen to others.
Pisces - Money matters won’t go too well for a while, just be patient.

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE. — OCTOBER 11, 12, 13, 14:
RULERS — Saturn (uncle Sam) Uranus (explosions/surprises) Neptune (deception/drugs) and Mars (war conflicts).

Work, Career and Business: This trio’s impact will make life quite interesting for the next few days. Neptune’s blurring nature may affect your judgment. Uranus will certainly bring some spice and surprise to your life soon. Use Saturn’s practicality to deal with life. If a business is not going well, you might be going in the wrong direction. Use all those above-mentioned planets to look for the right business endeavor. With the good Moon around, the opportunity might be in your local newspaper; take the time to cruise through it. Communicate your desires to whomever can help.

Partnerships: Come clear with what you mean. Some people could be deceiving; ask pertinent questions and watch their reaction. Be ready to support depressed partners, but don’t let their problems affect your judgment and feelings. A trip related to your business life could prove beneficial. A contract or a deal may be offered to you; sign it before the Full Moon.

Family and Friends: Expect tons of action around you, and with Mars cruising above use patience and diplomacy with others. Uranus will bring new friends and the elements of love and joy this weekend. Mercury will join in and make us very communicative. Much of your time will be spent organizing trips, or getting in touch with your past. This trend will be an interesting one where friends and family members will try to get in touch with you all at the same time. This trio may drive you crazy and you will have your hands full of projects and not enough time to deal with them.

Love Affairs: Affairs of the heart will progress these days and the weekend could prove to be very interesting. Some teenagers need your attention; if you don’t provide it, they could get themselves in trouble. Offer guidance and support to all in need, as they are not aware of the stars’ impact on their lives. Some will be caught in love affairs of their past and may be deceiving themselves. Neptune will make you feel low of both mental and physical energy. If you are an air sign, expect much with love now.

Travel and Communication: The strength of Mars combined with the speed of Mercury may bring trouble on the road. Be safe; take the time to go places and give yourself plenty time to deal with everybody you care for. Use precautions and take your time if you have to travel far; don’t let Mars or Neptune stop you. Most of all DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! Neptune could get you into serious trouble. The past will become alive; deal with it and enjoy all the planning ahead.

Environment: Keep in mind that Mars is with us and many people will become aggressive, be patient with them. Uranus and Mars may decide to throw an earthquake or produce disturbing weather all around. Be patient with everyone.

Famous Personalities: This timing is ideal for meditation and renewing your faith in the universe. Pious rich and famous will prepare all sorts of activities to perform, and will give the checks to charitable organizations. Try your best to participate and provide for those in need.

Events: The last breath of the deceiving Pisces age is in full action. Religions, dogmas, fears, man-made hells, and imaginative stories of the Apocalypse will be soon replaced by more healthy approaches to the future. With Uranus in its own sign, the new Age of Aquarius will completely transform man’s cosmic consciousness within the next few years. Before this celestial transformation the worst of Pisces religious fanaticism must be experienced by the world at large by producing terrorist acts, wars and madness all over the world. Have faith in the future and the celestial order imposed by the stars' eternal motions. Man can only grow and eliminate any form of spiritual poisoning through spiritual research. Expect earthquakes and large explosions soon.

Shopping: Great deals will be found well before the upcoming festivities in the most unexpected places. However, do not let all the advertisers run away with your pocketbook, as you will feel like buying all the best and most glamorous things right now. Be sure to treat yourself to something nice these days too. The Christmas spirit is already here, but people will be busy, short tempered and impatient. Make sure that you plan a leisurely day to do your shopping where the pull and hurry all around won’t affect your mood. Remember, you know better than the others, so just smile and brighten a sad day. Many of you have realized the value of my work; Starguide is a perfect and valuable present to offer. Contribute a solid, true piece of the Universe to your loved ones with my books.

The last six months of 2008 Moon Power Starguide can be downloaded for free at drturi.com Hit the enter button on first page and then scroll down a little and you will see a banner for 2008 Free Moon Power Starguide.

Dr. Louis Turi...Divine Astrology and Astropsychology (he is very direct and doesn't beat around the bush 'no pun intended')

With Peace and Love in Mind,

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