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Default Help! Kind Of!


This is the first post and depending on how it goes maybe my last!
This is really hard for me to explain, and this is the first time I've talked opnly about it so please go easy on me!
I've been watching the camelot video's for the last year prior to that I had been awoken by Icke (books) and philosophy. I have been awake (in varying degrees since 2003 also I should say I'm 27 now.
My awakening, you must understand is a spiritual one and one that has seen me make many changes to my existance.
Recently (over the last 12 months) I have noticed that I have been able to somehow (i know this sounds crazy) influence / manifest reality to extreme degrees.
I mean, what I think and want....and will, has a 90% sucess rate of happening.
I mean really strange things that should not have been able to happen have been happening.
At first I thought this was pretty cool and made things like winning competitions (band related) and being able to control the way people think!
But now this is happening at a staggering rate, and my thoughts are getting more and more erratic. The thoughts that are running through my head are not my thoughts, i mean they sound different inside my head......(not my voice) and also I'm thinking about stuff I have no clue about and then finding out about them later!
I feel I should explain, I can't perform miracles but it seems i can create the situations in which miracles can manifest.
I can't change people or opinions but have been able to create situations where people have changed themselves or thier opinions.

I see things when I close my eyes and have been able, in a relaxed state to fully re-create to significant details, rooms and places and people and I see them as if I have my eyes open.
This started off about 2 years ago with just seeing vivid colours when I was trying to go to sleep, which I concentrated on and have now turned into this!
I've not spoken to many people about this for fear of people not believing me.
The way I see it....your all as nuts as me to be here so I trust youguys.....even though we've never met!

AM I CRAZY? I'm worried about manifesting cancer in myself because I smoke and am constantly bombarded with warnings, adverts and peer pressure!

Either way this is happening to me for a reason, I feel like it's not a coincidence this is happening to me now.

I still can't make people love me lol!
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