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Default The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

I had an intuitive flash that it would be helpful for people to share their lucid dreams in one place. This way we can observe the symbolic messages that come to people in their sleep and watch for trends. We can also help each other with ideas for how to decode the symbolic messages given to us while in this state of consciousness.

I will go first,

I was with a friend, however I can not remember who it was. We where using some sort of translocation technology to travel from one planet to another. There was nothing in the dream about the details of how this worked. Anyway the part that is still crisp in my mind 4 days later.

At the end of the dream my friend and I where looking around at the kinds of things that where different on this world. I was walking through a parking garage at some sort of mall. All of the cars in the parking garage looked like slightly ugly Honda Civics. When I say slightly ugly, I mean that the roof line was strange and bulging on all of them.

I looked at my friend and said to him, look they only have Hondas on this world. Then my buddy tells me that he wants to buy a new pair of shoes. We then walk over to a Pay Less shoe store. Before entering the store it very quickly becomes night time.

I am looking up at the sky and notice that the moon there looks slightly different than the moon does on Earth. I go to my backpack to get my camera because I really want a picture of this to show my friends on Earth where I have been.

Then suddenly the clouds that where next to this moon move away to reveal a second more copper colored moon that is larger as if it is closer to the planet. As I am in a panic to get the camera out of its case the dream ends and I wake up.

My interpretation is that the first moon represents a female energy that I am familiar with. Then the second moon represents a new female energy that is new to me.

Don't be shy folks, lets here those dreams. Our higher selves want to convey messages to us symbolically every night. Lets allow these messages to benefit the many.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

I'll bite...In 1995 I had a very intense dream that humans were being inhabited by aliens that invaded the Earth and were they taking over our bodies, hundreds of millions of people were "infected" like armies of zombies. I remember seeing massive numbers of people marching insync with each other, row after row of people who had been taken over by and alien species. And it was happening very fast in great numbers, there was a great sense of urgency and attempting to hide from them without getting caught.

I was a member of the underground resistance and we were all on the run trying to avoid "infection", when one afternoon several resistance members including myself entered into a tent for a meeting...all of sudden who enters the tent but Captain Jean Luc Pickard himself, from Star Trek Next Generation, he was one of the resistance leaders.

He wore a black leather jacket over his red Enterprise uniform, he didn't say anything while reaching into his lapel pocket and he pulls out a nicely rolled cigarette of 420 and instructs us to smoke it because it will prevent alien infection. Then the dream ended.

I woke up thinking it was time to back off watching so much Star Trek, this was the third or fourth dream I had of Pickard over about 18 month period. Whats really strange is I never remember my dreams, although the last year or so it seems like I'm very busy learning or accomplishing something when I go to sleep...This dream was so unbelievably vivid and the realness of it really impacted me - most of all its one of the only dreams I've ever had that I actually remember.

Then I had a really strange epiphany while listening to Wilcock speak last Dec, and what occurred to me was IF a threat like that (alien invasion) were real, vaccines would be a great delivery system to infect the population. I read that nanotechnology has been linked to vaccines, are they putting nano's in patients bloodstream and could vaccines be the method of alien invasion into the human body...Which there are probably many ways to invade our bodies.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

I have numerous lucid dreams now that ive been cutting back heavily on food and started sun-gazing and drinking lots of tea. Its like i enter another world the 2+ hours before i wake up. Unfortunately, I now wake up with a kickstart of energy and run downstairs to give love to ma dog, so i forget lots of em


A 4 night reoccurring dream i had about 2 weeks ago was SUPER BIZARRE, and consisted of me and a few other people on a backpacking trip of some sort through the wilderness. I love to backpack and i often do it alone (probably not safe but meh).
A girl was with me for sure, and we entered into huge valley that was almost perfectly flat and had low grass over the entire thing. I noticed immediately this dome-like structure across the way, and with the benefit of lucid dream - i was immediately within 100 ft of it.
This dome like structure had two giant-paned windows on the front, and oddly enough, had what looked like a gigantic owl as the roof, with wings spreading over the structure.

Within an instant some figures in black cloaks (no facial recognition) appeared and basically forced-escorted us into the structure, to an elevator, and we went down like 50 levels into the earth.
When we got out, we were in this small enclosed room with more hooded figures. It was very dungeonesque.

Then these hooded peoples started chanting strange words, sounds, and vibrations...

"Oohhhhhweeee Chaaadoooo Greeeddduuhhhooowwww" - you get the point.

At this moment i got the feeling of "sacrifice", and decided to leave.

Over the next few nights it reoccurred and i struggled to leave, but on the 4th night i was in a "borrowed" car with the girl (which seemed different). We were eating some scraps of food before seeming to go somewhere, and i noticed with my keen hawk-eyesight through the passenger window a car of gentlemen, sitting, staring, and intently watching our everymove.

I woke up.

Oddly enough, my grandfather was a high mason. I never really got to talk to him, but ive talked to his schizophrenic son a lot (mom's bro) - and he's kept telling me "They'll come for you too Greetings".

Originally Posted by AscendingStarseed View Post
Then I had a really strange epiphany while listening to Wilcock speak last Dec, and what occurred to me was IF a threat like that (alien invasion) were real, vaccines would be a great delivery system to infect the population. I read that nanotechnology has been linked to vaccines.
Maybe the alien invasion could consist of the ptb??

Also, i liked the 420cigarrette comment. I think mj has some amazing powers when it comes to the mind. I had a meditation once while high and it changed my life.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

How convenient this thread is here...less than 10 minutes ago..at about 8:00-8:15 am gmt+1 i woke up and decided to put everything down on a digital paper...before i forget it.

2 parts (introduction and main part)

Something happened to me and it was never like that.

I had a dream it was in my house with the usual hard to figure out happening in my head...inside of my house was like some research laboratory...and than...zombies attacked (i know and no i can not tell how and why) and i killed one with two screw drivers and i got a very detailed look at my "hand work" than i rushed out into the room (that looked like the real one) there was my mother (i think it was my mother i did not have a good look at her) and it was something about a zombie baby and i took her hand and told her we need to go..and we exited the house via the actual exit that exists (but not main exit) than we were running and i figured i am running in the same direction (around the house) on the actual road that exists...and i though to myself: "why am i doing this, this is stupid" and than i saw some strange "post-apocalyptic" dwelings by the road that do not exist...than while running pass the front yard i saw three large vehicles parked on it...one of them being a big blue garbage truck and I thought to myself: "wtf, this can not be, why are this on our yard" (i know our yard...there are no such things on it)...and than while still running i thought to myself: "this is **** it is like in a movie" and than we reached the fire station area (which really exists)...where i experienced another dream...dream I know...i am 100% sure i had before at least 1 time...there were different people on different transportation vehicles/devices driving around the area in front of the fire station area...and i remember one of them telling me...that...(i can not remember exact words) that: "this is not real and that i can go back" So i decided to go back home where the zombies are (mother was there all the time).

Just at the point where i was to go start going back...i said to myself in dreams: "this is not real i am dreaming"


everything went "blank", everything was gone but me...there was nothing but me...it felt like i was alone in infinity

i wanted the ocean to appear and the beach but was not able to do it...i tried hard but could not do it...than i stopped trying and realized if feels like i am in the air in this "state" where there was nothing but me....i always wanted to fly...like the time i was little and i could "fly"....and there i was flying over some city with all the necessary detail....there was even music around me or in the "background" and it felt fantastic...i was flying.....but it was over very quick and i found myself flying very high towards some mountains and there were smaller plains around me and i was faster than them...and than i was back at some other city (this "jumps" were beyond my control) and than i wanted to stop so i stopped flying but i noticed that wile i am still levitating in the air...the earth beneath me is moving and i wanted earth to stop moving but failed and that also woke me up or perhaps it was some other noise...


this is how i remember it...this is how it happened... i think i did not dream i have a lucid dream and that i actually had one...a first one...or at least a 1st one i can remember so clearly....upon realizing...with help from others in my dream...that i am dreaming...it was like someone pushed a switch...i felt in my head...still felt it the first moments after i woke up.....it was different...it was a holodeck under my control (not entirely though) and it seems that it is easier to create something via feeling than by demand....it was just so very hard to maintain control

i liked it and i wish i could do it more often...

EDIT: typos etc...

additional edit:

i did some thinking and i think it was the dream environment (house i live in and the immidiate area around the house) that helped me to realize that something is not "right". i am extremely familiar with how things "really" are...and that i believe somehow triggered me to be suspicious...that started the dream at the fire station...where i was somehow helped to realize it is not real. i have a feeling i was at the fire station before but most likely failed to get past it....it has been 2 hours now and i am happy i wrote it down immediately...the memory is getting vague...

i have a lot of trouble remembering my dreams....but there are one dreams i had more than 6 years ago...i was in high school...and i had very sincere wish to die (suicide...."personal" stuff etc) i made that wish/decision (is was a firm decision) to die...just before i went to sleep...and i had a dream i still remember: it was night time...the moon was full, and there was a a witch on the broom circling around the moon...but she was not going around in circles...she was going around across it but not through it... (i hope you can understand it) the witch was laughing...and than suddenly i was by the road...where we (my grandma) has some land which is/was used to grow food etc... (it exists) and was walking there along the road and a group of older man (about 30 or so)...having a discussion and laughing...came by me...on of the man extended his hand and offered it to me...i was unsure what to do...i had bad experiences so i did not accept his hand....the man moved on and the witch told me: you will die... and i woke up and I was scared - really scared (nothing lucid about it though)

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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
it was different...it was a holodeck under my control (not entirely though) and it seems that it is easier to create something via feeling than by demand....it was just so hard to maintain control

I firmly believe that all dreams are a form of astral travel (what we understand as "astral travel"), but that sounds like you "walked outside of the matrix", or in Truman's experience, got outside of the world. Good stuff!
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

2 and a half year ago I had a very strange lucid dream.....

I am use to have from time to time lucid dreams and have even got visions…. But not like this…

In the middle of a ordinairy dream I was pulled away in a lucid dream and found myself in a alley…
There was an old man who gave me his briefcase… and then died…. Puzzled I opened the old leather briefcase and found just ordinairy stuff… but also a album with pictures…. I open it and on the first picture there was a photo from some room where there was some beings standing… suddenly the still-picture turned into a film… it was like a classroom with a table at the front and benches in rest of the room… it was standing 3 beings at the front.. two at the left of the table and the other more slight to the right behind the table… they where lizards…tall and completely white… they had those things at the sides of the heads that earth-lizards has which they pull forward when they want to make the head bigger… but this things had two points upwards on each side… those lizards was completely white in the “skin” and they was wearing robes going down all the way to the feats … and the robes where shining white… I was standing just outside the open door and the room was slowly filling up with people … one women that was sitting nearest to this lizards was talking with them… and they talked about love and knowledge they wanted to teach us… the lizards was moving with grace, calm and authority … like “saints”… speaked softly….

The room was nearly full now and the door started to make a movement to close… and the last man was walking in… then everything changed… they suddenly attacked… and there was coming more of this lizards up through the floor in a spiraling movement and anti-clockwise … half solid and still white… the people in the room screamed and there was panic… and the last man that walked in the room throw himself just out of the door that was now closing and ended up on the floor…. The way I can describe the attack was like they “devour” the people, that’s the word that I feel … and to describe the lizards is the word demons…

Here I woked up in my bedroom…. And wonder about what I had just seen…. After a while I was trying to fall asleep again as it was in the middle of the night… but I could not go further than the state between awake and sleep… its like a trance-state… checking the clock now and then… but during this four hours of trance… the film played itself up a couple of times… well… finally it was the appropriate time to go up and I made me some coffe and took my dog out for a walk…. Now…. During the day… this film was playing itself up no matter what I was doing… like a vision in front of me.. it didn’t matter my activity… suddenly it was just there… at least 7 times … maybe more…. And it kept on doing that for 3 days….

For me… this is a very strong warning… the strongest I have ever get… I have had a couple of very strong lucid dreams before, besides the ordinairy lucid dreaming, but not continuing for 3 days… and those did come true… so for me personally, I have to threat this one as a reality… as they are out there …. Somewhere……
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

I have two experiences I would like to share with you all.

The first is a generic type of dream, a layer that really has nothing to do with the events /of/ the dream, but more of an understanding of dreaming that is reached.

Lots of dreams always seem like you're trying to find the key to unlock the door, figure out whats going on. That's why I always end up in mazes, haunted houses, or situations in which I have to explore and come to understand what the mystery is.

Several times I had been having dreams of that nature, that are semi lucid moment to moment, but I am still strung along by the dream to the next scene.

At one point, I was talking to a child and I could hear the child's voice, but also sort of another silent voice layered on top of it, that seemed to congratulate me for being able to hear it. At that point the dream turned completely lucid, and where I was once an explorer in the dream looking for secrets, I was now able to fully go where I wanted to and gained the freedom to explore just for the enjoyment.

That's happened in a few scenarios.

The other, causes me a little bit of stress. I won't say my dream was hacked, or something invaded my sleep, but it sure felt like it at the time. Someone may be able to clarify, or I may just leave it up in the air as a product of psychology rather than alien influence.

Anyway, I was having a very lucid dream. I was jumping into the sky, flying, wandering wherever I felt - when... I was in a little suburban area taking the back roads, enjoying the trees and the quaint houses. I saw a tall yellow alien figure, very slim and lanky, even the structure of his head was long and narrow, not like a round skull like the typical grey (funny enough he was wearing some pants... still scared the **** out of me at the time though.)

It quickly moved in the opposite direction, and my dream started pulling me towards the dream-goal (I had to make it back to my "grandmother's house" to meet a friend or pick up something that was forgotten.) Suffice to say I was NOT about to do that! I followed the tall guy. I started to walk in his direction. My vision started to get fuzzy and I was becoming conscious of my physical body, so in the dream I kept tripping and falling and losing sight of the guy.

When we made eye contact, he said something to me telepathically as if to say "Not now, sorry." And then pushed a button. At that point I just started running as fast as I could, and braced myself for impact as I was about to run smack into it. I was scared as hell but I needed to make sure this thing was tangible, to know that it was real. As soon as my body collided with it I woke up instantly.

The thing that bothers me about this experience, is that I was having a completely LUCID experience one minute, and then something that /seemed/ to be "outside" of myself entered into the dream. I had went to bed very early in the morning too, probably 4am, so when I woke up straight out of the dream at only about 10am, it was extremely odd. I'm a ridiculously heavy sleeper. I usually get 10hrs+ a night, always have since I was a baby.

I think my reaction to this thing was probably a sign that I wasn't going to get to make contact with it, whether it is some actual higher dimensional entity or just a representational figment of my imagination. I was scared and confused and could have handled the whole thing a little more deftly... haha.

Anyway, those are my stories!
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Hi again,

I hope at least someone reads this because i know that for myself, most threads ive already read the "topic", i usually dont visit again.

I've been having this reoccurring dream over a year now - what jarred it from my head was that i had it again last night. It plays over the exact same way, and i wake up at the same point, basically telling myself "wtf... could this really happen"?

I suppose it could. We're seeing at an alarming rate that things of a previously "unknown" nature are happening.

Nevertheless, the dream.
I am with my Dad and a few others at the beginning. We are right outside our old house (its across the street in the other subdivision). The sun is bright and the streets are completely vacant. It is so eerily silent.

We are looking for others that are alive basically. We end up going to a kids house that i know (growing up in a subdivision with everyone having kids at the same time is great - you know everyone and you all share common interests).
I hadn't hung out with Andrew in ages, its been about 6 or more years since ive seen him. My dad just walks in through his open door and we walk upstairs, where i see about 6 bunk beds filled with people my age (22). Andrew gets up from his sleep and basically says hello to me with a glance in my eyes. Everything's dirty. I just passed it off as a sleepover.
We're there for a bit - my dad goes to converse with him about something, and i sit down to play a video game.
I've never played this video game before but its called "Rhino" from what i understood. You're basically in this labyrinth structure and you have whatever tools to aid you (i had a shotgun for a bit), and there is a Rhino that can smell and sense you and is trying to gore/kill you.

I killed one of them, but more came. At this point it was no longer a game for it was I that was trying to fight for my survival. I got out of the corridors and outside where it was light again.

Where i end up, is in a small 4x4 shack more or less where a doctor is hiding out. I have lost everyone by now except for some stranger guy. I'm not really sure as to where we're going (find out next time ), but im pressing to "guard the fort" until morning. The stranger has passed out from exhaustion and there are these Rhinos trying to get in the door. I'm holding my weight upon it so it doesn't break.

What i found out is that these Rhino's aren't rhinos... but people that are crazed to kill us, and there seem to be few of us, and tons of them. Basically, Zombies.

I wait on the door till sunrise and barely get my new counterpart and doctor in the car. The sunlight is on half of the car now and there are crazed rhino zombie-like people waiting directly 20 feet in the shadows for us, some attempting to get close. I struggle to start the car and then i come awake.

This has been reoccurring for more than a year, almost exactly how i told you.
Could this be a vision????
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Reoccurring dreams have something to say. If you don't get it or understand it will probably repeat.
Though there are cases you just "label" a dream important even if it isn't and as such may feel it's important and subconsciously as you treat it as important you repeat it ending in a bad cycle of maybe not so useful dream.
You yourself decide if there is anything of worth in that dream or not.

I regard dreams as real as reality. It effects your surroundings or people you interact whit. But as many people disregard it or forget about them you are quite free to things you want.

I would regard there are 4 different levels of dream reality. Non-lucid, Lucid, Shared and Astral.
I had these 4 options as buttons to press on like a computer screen looking out from my view in a lucid dream not long ago. There was a "exit" button also to wake up. I have been in lucid mostly , though I tried the shared and lucid switching when I had these options at my disposal. When I went for shared, every dream character poof and disappear until I clicked back unto Lucid dream, I could click back and forth these and same would happen.

Whit that I can say there are many dream characters when your in your non-lucid or lucid dream worlds. Creations of your own mind and subconscious. The shared lucid world is like a intermediary place where you can travel about the dream world or share dreams whit others if you so want. You can go and talk to others if they don't deny you to be there for whatever reason, you may have to deal whit all kinda creatures and characters or settings created by you or others aware of they being your or theirs or not aware who's creations of mind they be.

In non-lucid and many lucid you stay in your own sphere of creation. There may be intruders or visits but might be rare I say. It's your sphere and you can control it how you like if you realize it. Then there is a "outer" dream world to travel. Mostly it's a collaborative of everyone participating. You can make permanent changes if you so intend and put energy to it. Though you have to consciously be at some dream location whatever it might be.

The last is the Astral. I would say I have no experience whit it yet. So I won't say more than that about it.
My dream share is really lacking also, it's mostly taken from accounts I've come across of other people I've interacted whit over at other forums saying and writing about their own dreams.

Back to my dreams... I must say now a days I have many re-runs of dreams I've had years past. There are these story line dreams also, which continue from dream to dream.

Well more to lucid dreams...
Which to pick...

Most recent was this morning... I meet whit one of my older sisters and I was sitting whit her at a table. I had my laptop in front of me. She was sitting across to the side of the table doing and being concentrated to some task she was at. I didn't pay much attention to what she was doing but it seemed to take much of her focus.
I mingled whit her shortly but she seemed to much distracted I saw. I pick up some image website on my laptop on the table and then try to get my sister come over and have a look. She seems to ignore me as she is occupied to whatever she does. She is not even looking my direction. I tell her to come over and take a look, pestering her whit my words to grab her attention.
She finally comes over as I really in print whit my voice it's important. She finally comes over to look what I've brought up on the screen... Wait this isn't exactly what I wanted her to see. She barely looks and then goes back to her seat and continues whatever she did. I look at the picture and website. Hmm.. I go back and look. no.. None of these images are what I wanted to show her really. I go to the search box and type in some keyword and press enter. Now some more representative images show up on what I want to show and tell her.

I had in the same said to her that wasn't exactly what I had intended to show her before. Now. now I have the images I want to show you I tell her and try to get her come over again to take a look anew.
She first throws me off whit her telling she is occupied whit other stuff. I look at the screen to make sure it's what I was searching for and then click one thumbnail to show the larger image. At the same I managed to get my sister to come over again. Finally I can tell her what I wanted whit this.
The image is loading on the screen and she come about and she takes a look at it and say this is what I wanted her to see.

She takes a quick glance at it and I take another image up and it starts to show up. I wanted her to know about this. She takes a quick glance again at the image and then looks shortly at me before going back to her seat...
She seems more listen ready now. She isn't into what she did before all to much. I see this is my chance to tell her.
I bring up the topic I had in mind and try to engage her into it. She still seems a bit not "ready" or registered what I have shown and said. I say it loud and clearly this time and then state and continue. She suddenly reacts and gets my attention now. Seems she finally listened to what I had to say. She is concerned about what I said. I reassure her and try to calm her that there isn't that much to worry about. Even though it's a bit off a sensitive subject.
I've have said what I wanted. I want to give her time to think about it I think.

Next my sisters daughter comes about into the kitchen I was sitting in whit her mum. She just came home whit her dad from somewhere. Seems I'm visiting my sister at her place.(though the house is no way close to the house they live in, looks more like my house?)
She is eager to tell about she has been doing. She is cheerful and happy about it. I greet her and talk a little bit whit her about her new adventures. I see her dad come in. We take a glimpse at each other. He talks about where they had been also, giving in some details extra. My sister and him talk a bit.
I get up from my seat and then head out from the kitchen. I say I'm going to check up on her so she doesn't do anything bad.

I meet her as she is running about. She is really playful and in a good mood. I head for the toilet for a moment I had some unknown business there.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

I had this dream almost two decades ago.

I was in a strange place that was very peaceful. Accompanying me was my spiritual teacher who told me she wanted to introduce me to someone. That someone was Jesus. He didn't say anything but smiled at us. I felt the love radiate from him.

I woke up at that point but I never forgot that dream.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Several years ago I dreamed that I was in a small wood panelled room and outside the door were some greys. I had a butter knife and was trying to pry open the window to escape but they opened the door and grabbed my arm.

I had another dream were I was floating in the air about 20 feet above the street. I was looking down and the people were insane. One guy was running around with a chainsaw, etc. I felt fear, then I heard a voice that said, "Don't worry, you're one of us'. I still haven't figured this one out.

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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

I had a very strange dream yesterday, maybe it was from too much smokables, but it was one powerful dream, sort of like something out of babylon 5, basically it was a gathering, with all my oldest friends in one place, it was at the house i grew up in as a child, for what reason the setting was a house from my childhood, I have no clue. At the time, I didn't even know many of the people that took part in the dream when I was actually living in that house; in real life. So it just doesn't make sense.

I'm not the type of person who buys into those theories that explain everything with the mothers' womb and everything being symbolic of that.

Many of my dreams have come true, usually only a few days or weeks after the dream, so I've considered the dream realm a very real place, call it what you will; Astral, and it's so real that you can actually have premonitions and tap into what science would call; extra sensory perception, and sooner or later, my estimation would be a century or two from now, the medical field will find explanations and conclusive proof for all of this and maybe certain technological advances will help us explore dreams in a completely lucid and conscious state.

That's if 2012 ain't the end like we're told.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Just reposting to ask if anyone has had an "Outsider" enter their lucid dream, however you want to take that. Probably my biggest question in relationship to this thread. Thanks!
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Only a few lucid dreams for me within the past year, but this one is my favorite...

I was standing on the street in front of my house watching the clouds rolling wildly in the sky (like they do when a storm comes in). It caught my attention that sections of the sky were swirling so much they created several revolving clouds (like tornadoes) that were maybe 15 feet from the ground.

I ran up underneath one of the clouds to see in the center a sparkling, transparent golden light. The light then came down to the ground (had a radius of about 4 ft.). It was at this moment that I became aware I was dreaming.

I said (or thought?), "This is it!". I grabbed my husband's hand immediately and propelled us upwards into the cloud.

Instantly, we shot up into space past numerous planets. It was only a few seconds before my awareness went to my heartbeat. The moment this happened, I started to feel a concern for how far out we were going. In a instant, I was back in my body and awake. Still with the same intensity heartbeat.

It took me quite a while to settle down after that.

The most interesting part of the experience was the familiarity I had with the golden-light. I recognized it immediately, though I don't understand how that's possible.

For several days after, I had an intense longing for solitude. I didn't feel like talking to anyone, let alone sharing my experience.

It was certainly one of my better lucid dreams, though my reaction to it wasn't what I expected.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Originally Posted by PilotSimone View Post
The most interesting part of the experience was the familiarity I had with the golden-light. I recognized it immediately, though I don't understand how that's possible.
Allow me to offer a possibility PilotSimone

Your dream sounds much more like an NDE than just the regular lucid dream. IMO, the golden light is the key here, as you said, the 'lucid' part was triggered when you approached the light. The second thing which is even more important is that you remember this light, its probably because you've encountered the same before, maybe in another dream, perhaps even from a past life.

This is entirely consistent with most NDE reports of seeing lights that guide the person, or tunnels, or something of that nature. Basically a road to the outer body non physical realm. I postulate that what brought you back is that your body's connection with the soul hasn't yet been severed and it still is not your time yet.

A lot of the people who experience Astral Projection speak of a cord that binds the soul with the body, and only at death can the soul wander off indefinitely in the non physical (or astral) realm. Perhaps what pulled you back is that cord. All in all, I say you should consider it a good omen.

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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

There seems to be a trend of very cosmically themed dreams going on here. Many of them pointing towards ascension. Especially PilotSimone's.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Majorion. I hadn't considered the NDE angle before, so I'm going to check out some NDE forums.

Not trying to make this thread all about me, but I want to throw something else out there that I'm trying to understand...

I feel like I have practiced dying many times. So many times, that I know exactly what I should do when I realize it's happening...close my eyes and breathe through it.

I have breathed through the process of sitting on the floor of a building as it collapses...felt myself collapsing and everything, but no pain. When I wake up I am in a new scene. This one was a month ago.

In another I am in a boat that's traveling too fast and it jumps out of the water at an angle of about 45 degrees heading into some trees. Again, I realize this is a death-inducing situation and I breathe through it. This dream I have had numerous times in my life. It happened again recently.

I've also been through this scenario with car crashes and falling off of cliffs.

All of my death scenes are of this nature. It's never anything subtle.

They don't upset or worry me in the least during the dream or when I awake. I just wonder why they keep repeating when I feel the lesson has been learned (how to relax and let myself die peacefully).

Sidenote: I have always FELT most things in my dreams. I feel physical pain, I feel physical pleasure. I have been burned, I have felt the pain of falling short distances, I have had great love affairs, etc. It's as real as when I'm awake. So, to not feel the pain of these deaths is a switch from how my dreams usually unfold.

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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Originally Posted by PilotSimone View Post
This dream I have had numerous times in my life. It happened again recently.
According to many Freudians, the recurrence of dreams is symbolic of something you have yet to solve in reality. Ironically though, your dreams of death and confronting the situation with calm are totally contrary to that theory.

The problem with contemporary psychologists and psychotherapists is they always fail to account for the soul, they don't account for Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, ESP, NDEs, or even an external phenomena like Abductions.

I am one of those people who believes that "reality" is little more than a dream, and that the dream state is the "actual reality".

The best solution I've heard in trying to figure out what dreams mean, the first step is to document the dream to collect as many details possible, so in other words when you wake up the first thing you do is pick up a notebook next to you and write down everything you can remember, because very soon after, the memory fades, and if you can't recall major portions of the dream then you will definitely miss potential key details that will offer an answer.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

I really appreciate you sharing your insight.

I have not been very good about documenting and analyzing dreams. So, thank you for the tips.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Crazy dream this morning;

I was standing in a room observing (no body), just consciously there and the room was like a war room for currency or the balancing of exchange. A person was in charge of making sure that there was always backing in place of some sort for the exchanging of currency for commerce. The gentleman suddenly stood up and started crying and was watching a screen where a gap formed and quickly grew. So I asked him what was wrong and he said that he can't stop the gap fast enough it was melting. He had no where else he could go to find reserves or support and couldn't print money fast enough to distribute it. So all he could do is stand there and watch the gap grow.

So either I read too much or I'm being a fear monger and I made a great dream out of it. Or is it possible that at some point there really is nothing anybody can do and the entire exchange for commerce has nothing available to support it... not even false and fake notes, scams, documents, instruments or even new currency to keep it going and afloat??? A financial black hole?

How can you suddenly run out of things to exchange?
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

I spent a lot of time last year working to have lucid dreams...and eventually had a few. Most times, though, I became aware, but didn't try to manipulate the dream - I just went along with it. I had also been working hard on Astral Projecting/Out of body experiences at the same time.

I have only one worth mentioning in this thread I think. I had gathered with some previous workmates. At one point, 5 of them were standing in a semi-circle around me on a raised, curved step about 2 feet tall. They started singing "AUM" like in many of the youtube frequency clips. I became aware, and started vibrating like crazy in the dream. The feeling was similar to vibes you can get before going OOB. After about 10 seconds of this, I floated up and out of my dream body at a 45 degree angle or so for a few feet, and felt this very intense, ecstatic feeling and felt as if I was a web of white light. It ended pretty quickly, and I "fell" slowly back down to the floor and the singers had dispersed.

The dream ended soon after that and I woke up and wrote it down. It felt VERY powerful both during the dream and after I woke up.
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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

i found myself standing ... though i could not feel ... the ground beneath me ...
in front of me ... a pan view of a landscape ... there were forests ... mountains and lakes ... houses and larger buildings ... roads ... animals and flowers ...
blue sky and white clouds ... obscured daylight ...
the sun at one end of this horizontal view ... the moon at the other ...

and just above ... was an identical landscape ... i observed to locate the differences ... only to conclude there were not any ... not a thing was different ...
this landscape too ... had both a sun and a moon ... positioned in the same place as the other landscape below it ...

and in between the two ... stretched horizontally as well ... was the symbol of infinity ... this elongated figure eight ... was lit up in white light ... it felt to me ... to be what balanced ... the two landscapes i was viewing ...

i remember standing there ... wondering what this was all about ... conveyance to me ... was that i was viewing ... the two worlds ... and was asked ... to feel beyond ... what my eyes were seeing ...

it was then ... that i felt the vast difference ... between the two ...
the energy ... of the one below ... was heavy ... dense and felt stagnant ...
no progression ... very heavy actually ...

and the one above ... its energy was like a breath of fresh air ... light ... airy ... pure ...
it felt like the flow of that landscape ... that world as it was called ... flowed freely ... effortlessly ... in comparison to the other ... which felt of a challenge ... a struggle ... to keep things moving ...

i pondered further ... what is meant by these two worlds ... how do they each have a sun ... and each a moon ...
why do they appear to be identical ... yet their energy ... so vastly different ...

again ... i wondered ... is one better than the other ... is the other less than ... because i certainly felt where i would gravitate to be ...
yet i came to understand ... neither was better as we know better to be ... just different ... different in progression ... the split ... had nothing to do with separation ... the split ... had to do with unity ... within infinity ...

i recall just standing there ... not really knowing what to wonder about next ... or what to ask ...
i did though ... i wondered how they could each have a sun and a moon ... and yet ... i was viewing two different worlds ...

just prior to leaving ... another conveyance ... same world ... two different planes ... anything can be ...

there was not a thing i felt fearful of it ... if anything ... i was deeply intrigued ... i so much desired to know more ... and i eagerly tried to pull more ...

found i had then returned ... and woken up ...

still intrigued ...

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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Some notable dreams these past few months! BTW I do Mutual dreamsing with other people every night.

AA Conference in the sky

I arrive in some Hotel lobby with Asuka. I look around. Everywhere people are with coffee cups and smokes. They all look happy.

"oh god." I say to Asuka. "You brought me to another AA meeting?"

"Not meeting." she said. "Conference. And you're favorite speaker is here." I looked around and spotted a board that said "Clanhdfhdfhg" Clan who? Clancy. A friend of mine iwho i knew went to AA once invited me to a conference in seattle. I went along and the guy who spoke was funny.

"Oh... But do I really have to go here? I don't even drink much at all."

"You drank on valentines day and forgot most of our dreams. And I see you drink all the time in dreams." Asuka complained.

"I remembered the highlights." I said.

"All you remember is sex. We dreamviewed our wedding and you didn't even remember that!"

"Don't worry." I said. "When I'm sure I'll remember I'll view it again and remember... God i have so many lucid goals, and so rarely lucid... Ho Am I going to do it all??"

"Maybe if you don't drink in dream. Maybe you'll remember more Stupid." she said. and hit me over the head with a tennis racket with no net. As I pulled it from my head, Asuka turned into a grey dog. and ran away going "Wuff, wuff wuff." It sounded like a bad voice actor dubbing in her barks in some crappy Cartoon. I chased after her. I was bending down to catch her when she ran in between some man's legs and I accidentally bumped into him.

"Watch it you p..." he was going to say "Punk". But stopped when he noticed the coffee he was carrying, that I bumped into didn't spill. He turned the cup upside down and the coffee didn't spill out at all. He looked confused.

"Relax Clancy." I said. "It's a dream...."

"Oh." he stated. "It's you... Maybe if you would have walked straight like I told you years ago in seattle maybe you could see where you are going."

"I came to hear YOU speak at this conference, NOT to hear your criticism." I said. I opened my mouth and a green cobra head came out and hissed at him.

"Gahh!" He said, backed a few feet, and did a hail mary. "uhhh keep coming back." he said and left.

"Right back at ya" I said. He looked at me, huffed and walked into the large conference room. I spotted Hockey Bruce standing by himself smoking a cigarette.

"Holy **** man." I said. "I thought you were dead! Bruce what's up?"

"I am dead." he said. " But I still like coming to these things... god you're not dead are you? you're too young Rob."

"No... I'm dreaming all of this. Still smoking I see." He smiled as if to say Yes.

"And you better darn quit those things too rob, Or you'll wind up like me."

"You died of cancer? wait no. The night you found out you didn't have cancer you just happened to die a of a heart attack."

"yep." he nodded. "It was just my time to go man. Gotta get my seat. see ya. I hope you come visit us again." He left. I decided to find a seat too. I didn't see Asuka around. As I walked through the door some big lady shook my hand, gave me a huge hug and said very loudly. "Welcome". I wandered away and spotted Irvine.

"Hey man... How's it goin?" I asked.

"Oh you!" he said. "Nice to see you here. wait... You're not are you? Shame... so young."

"I'm dreaming this man." I said. "And you DID die of cancer. I saw you at the hospital meeting when you were withering away... wow what a trooper."

"Thanks" he said. I looked around the room. There were tons of humans, orcs, nagas, and other species. I even saw a few of Q2's kind around. I spotted someone waving. It was asuka. "look who I found" she was saying. I ran over to a row of seats she had saved one for me and next to it was sitting Nomad.

"What the **** dude!" I said. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

"What is this place?" he asked. He had short brown hair and was wearing glasses and smoking a cig.

"This is an AA conference.... Asuka keeps bringing me here for some reason."

"Oh well." he said. "I've been trying to cut down drinking this new year anyway. I bet Angel would be happy I went here."

"Well she cares about you man." I said.


"Hell yeah she wouldn't have helped support you when you were looking for work otherwise if she didn't think you were worth it. I don't mean you have to come here.."

"you're right... Thanks. you always say such positive **** when I'm down man." Just then an Orc stepped up to a podium nervously. he cleared his throat and spoke.

"Ahem" he said, "Due to the dreamers here we won't go through the official readings... uhh The next speaker was my sponsor in my past life. and now dream sponsors me in my current life. I bring you Clancy I!" everyone clapped and Clancy came up to the podium. He adjusted his glasses, introduced himself. and looked around the room for a minute.

"Lovely bunch of folk here." he said. "You know, I once stated at a conference like this that I wasn't afraid of death. I take that back. Now that I know i have all of YOU to look forward to." he said sarcastically. Everyone laughed. "In my waking life I deal with dying pukes on the streets every day, and I literally mean DYING. Then I gotta deal with a bunch of snot nosed punks who think they're case is different.And when I'm dead I'll have to deal with a bunch of snot pukes and snot nosed punks with snakes coming out of their mouths!" Every one laughed. Especially a bunch of Hissing Nagas. Nomad was laughing and slapping his knee. Nomad thinks everything is so funny in a dream. "When I die I think I'm going to incarnate again as fast as i can... Sheesh." I then began to wake up.

Abstract dream

I was in a weird out door construction zone pushing around a large scaffolding. The Foreman gives me **** and fires me for not following rules. I tell him he should have set upa site orientation so I could have at least learned the rules of the job site.

Suddenly I am whisked away into another dream. Asuka is a light entity talking to another light entity. It's her former lover from a past life. He had died shortly after they were married, a few years later She commited suicide because she could no longer hold onto a mental image of him.

At some point i forget who he is and I get kinda mad when they embrace. Asuka says that she is trying to heal her past mistakes. The man tells her he is happy she has found someone like me because we look after one another. After some more things are said which i can't remember. We say bye to him.

I switch to third person view. Me and Asuka turn into meso-american stones. I'm a stone with a spiral, She is a stone with a drawing of a piglet. I emanate green light. She is yellow. We both float up and go through a cartoon portal. Below us is a scene of cartoon blue people on large mile high rocks shooting arrows at Orcs below. I land on one of the rocks. Someone looks at me and says "Hey, who the hell are you."

"Speak to me with a little more respect." I say picking him up. "I am a god around here." I smash his head against a rock and throw him off the edge. Everyone looks at me awaiting my orders.


I was walking with someone in a back alley way. We were going toward a house. I saw some Japanese people in the yard we were heading to. For some reason, instead of walking I found it easier to float. I slipped into semi lucidity. I knew it was a dream I just forgot the significance.

Anyway. I floated down the rest of the alleyway. I kind of just meditated and floated past some people. I went through a gate and accidentally rubbed my ass against some girls on the way by. I didn't care. I kept floating. Suddenly i started Swaying my hips side to side and It seemed to propel me a bit up in the sky. I also kind of dog paddled in the air and went up. Docta Lee was staring at me and he said "Dude, did you just turn into a flying snake? cool." But I wasn't really paying attention. I realized I was "dog paddling" with hundreds of tiny legs now. It felt like all these legs were under my skin. I was getting tired of swaying my "hips". And found it much easier to use a set of wings I had.

I circled the house and the yard high up and kind of glided to the ground then.

Erik's Guide

I was instantly lucid and looking at something. I was holding a sort of wooden block in my hands. I felt it had to do something with Erik Ravn From the Danish Metal band: Wuthering Heights. There was a piece of block that seemed loose. I struggled with it for what seemed like minutes. Eventually i got it open and pulled the small piece of wood out. I was staring at a mini hallway. I put it up to my eye so i could see inside. It looked like a hallways that was under construction.

I peered farther and saw that there was a room. The room had recently been drywalled. It was being prepared for the taping stage. I stared at the hallway and made a note of the geometry of the place, in case I had wanted to draw it later in waking life. Suddenly I found myself standing inside the hallway. I walked into the bigger room.

Inside the room Someone was standing over a drywall mud bucket. It looked like he was pulling tape out of a tape machine. I noticed there was a black bass guitar on the ground but it had only two strings. The man seemed frozen in time. I walked up and felt the tape he was pulling out. The mud had already been drying for a few hours. I ripped it and put the dried tape on the floor, obviousely it would be no use on the wall.

I looked closer at the man. He was tall, mid 40s, long black haire that was greying, blue eyes, and he wore a leather jacket. It didn't look like Erik but i had to ask.

"Erik? Is that you?" No response. I tugged on the man's sleeve. "Hey wake up!," I said. "Are you Erik?". The man then seemed to come alive. He looked around confused for a second. and eventually oriented himself.

"what? huh? Umm no. I'm Erik's guide." He stated. " I'm a guide to him similar to some of the guides you are discovering that you have." he turned nad began walking into another room.

"You mean like Asuka?" I asked. "And also Q." We continued to walk. "I haven't seen him much lately and he's never around when i need his help. I've been considering getting another guide altogether." I followed him into the room. I suddenly Felt like I was going to wake up.

"It's ok man." Erik's guide said sensing my uneasiness. The dream began to fade out. I focused hard on trying to go into another dream directly after. The first thing that popped into my mind was the healing glen. But Instead I woke up entirely.

Mirror Lucid.

I was in my kitchen doing dishes. It felt like a dream. I stopped doing the dishes right away. I looked at my hands. They looked swollen... i looked for a wedding ring. Didn't see one. I wondered if Asuka was around. Usually she is right behind me. I turned to look but she wasn't there. I wanted to call out but I was afraid I would use my real voice. I turned around again making sure I turned slowly so I didn't spin myself out of the dream. No Asuka.

I then wondered if this really was my inner world. I wanted to open a portal to find it. I then remembered Vex Kitten once used a glass as a portal. I went up to a wall and put my finger against it trying to push through. Nothing. Maybe I should use a mirror? I spotted a hallway and began walking down it. I then noticed I had an extra set of legs. My dream legs were walking but another set of legs were crossed and dragging on the floor. I found a washroom and turned into it. As I turned I uncrossed my legs. Then instead of walking I seemd to float around.

I found a small mirror. small enough to fit my fingers through. I pushed my index against the mirror. It went through! the mirror felt like it was liquid. But there was no wetness. I then pushed all my fingers through Until my hands were on the other side. I realised the mirror was too small for me to fit through all the way. So I found a larger mirror on the other wall. I then thought to myself "To my Inner world." and then went through. On the other side i was waking up in a bed. but it was my real one.

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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

I had a dream where i met a blonde illuminated being wearing white robes and i think a golden sash ( 6 years ago forgive me ) he was a spirit being and i thought it was Satan to be honest.
I won't go into dialect it was brief and part of my personal journey.
I thought it was Satan in fact almost knew as in a previous dream i was in an underground Colosseum and 2 beings in similar dress one was African looking the other white ushered me to hide behind a large rock with them.
The blonde being was walking a fair distance away from us as i peered to left side of rock when i peered around right side of rock it had changed into a very large black dragon with wings and it took flight.
I seen this dragon i think at the end of a dream last night but not directly i was gazing at a dark cloud and it morphed into the skeletal form but still a cloud of the dragon and you could see it fly over the building i came out from.
Just googled black dragon and this is how it looked in original dream.


Also i seem to wake up at 3:00am a lot i think this time has some significance could be just coincidence, cripes! lol!

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Default Re: The Official Share Your Lucid Dreams Thread

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
I had an intuitive flash that it would be helpful for people to share their lucid dreams in one place. This way we can observe the symbolic messages that come to people in their sleep and watch for trends. We can also help each other with ideas for how to decode the symbolic messages given to us while in this state of consciousness.
I had an interesting one a few months ago:

I was at my school, just going through the day normally, until I saw that the makeup of the school was different, and that my school could have never changed so much in one day. I also noticed "skips" in my memory of the day's events. I suddenly realized that I was dreaming. I then asked myself the one thing I wanted to see and do, knowing that I could completely. I told my self that I wanted to see god in Heaven, the thought just popped into my mind. I was suddenly enveloped in a white light, and felt like I was going straight up. After only a few seconds, the light left me, from my feet up, and I was on my back in our dining room floor. I was really sad, and I was still dreaming as well. A couple seconds after that, I actually woke up.

I think the light I saw was very similar or exactly the same as physics envy.

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archetypes, dream symbols, higher self, lucid dreams, prophecy

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