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Lightbulb Re: In this space and time~ share your visions of the future/now

thanks Susan (the eXchanger) for sharing that very funny collection > "signs of the times"

As always~
Cymatic Veilbegone > you find the greatest video's!!!

************************************************** ********
From~ Jacqui D

"Our freedom to do what we wish, our children to grow into free thinking adults and not educated to tow the line.
This is truly a beautiful world, when the eyes can see and the spirit let loose imagine what life could be like."

Note~ Posted by Samarkis on
Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

"While I AM in 3D....here are my plans:

I AM going to work on building a 100 acre organic International farm K-college School (with hobbit houses and tree house classrooms!!)where children from all countries can come learn in safety about tolerance,LOVE of education,creativity,regeneration,nurturing,buildi ng together!!

I am going back to learn Master Gardener and hope to break ground within 2 years!! I already have someone else that is going back to school for being able to get certifications!! Anyone would like to join in???

PM if this is something you like! Or have advice !!!



Thank you Jacqui D, for touching on these points! You~ Samarkis, Carmen and Mudra~ just to name a few~ who strongly believe~ we must correct the current accepted "mind waste" that has been perputrated upon us and our children, by a (truly) failed world educational paradigm!

Couldn't resist posting this song

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