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Default Another important must-read!

This might be a very important document...

The email by KSH which was intercepted by our group :

About my role in SAALM - Dr KSH
We called ourselves "spooks." It implied that our work was intriguing as well as secret. But, it was said tongue in cheek since although our intelligence gathering efforts were clandestine, they were not covert, were quite routine and by and large anything but intriguing. Yet, over the course of my years working for the Supreme Annunaki Alliance of Lord Marduk -- or "SAALM" as we on the inside called it -- I was privy to some sensitive and disturbing intelligence.

But, first some background. The global intelligence community is just that, a community, a society unto itself with social guidelines even stricter than those of an ordinary open society. Even personnel peripheral to Agency intelligence work must have intensive security checks and clearances in order to step foot into the NSA complex. Thus, the hierarchy of security clearances begins at the Top Secret level and goes on from there. There are parallel and layered levels of clearances which allow the bearer access only to concomitantly classified information. Most intelligence remains off limits to even the cleared analyst by the requisite "need to know" restriction.

Only a select few, who sit at the top of the hierarchy, are privy to the vast bulk of intelligence processed by the Agency. By controlling the type of information passed on to National Security Council policy makers, these few Agency heads effectively wield an immense amount of influence by proxy with profound national --if not global- - implications. Their hidden agendas remain hidden ... to the public, the Congress and members of the National Security Council itself (unless, of course, there is collusion between certain members of the NSC and Agency higher-ups)..

While I worked at the Agency as an expert on Code, Computer mainframes and Internet traffic analysis in the early 1990's, I had learned of a secret group deep within the agency that had expert knowledge on Extraterrestrial and Covert contact with beings and intelligences from outside our solar system, and later as I learned, from a certain group not considered "alien" by those on the inside. This group was referred to as "Anu_Na_Ki" and was supposedly led by an imposing albino male known as Marduk, who has presumably been living here on Earth [ in a base under a lake in Tanzania and occasionally at Mt Ziel near Pine Gap in Australia] for the past few thousand years.

The unstated anti-Constitution and democratic policy within the deepest levels of the global Intelligence Community is one which --until now-- has been successfully kept from public knowledge, or even general knowledge at the Agency since the "need to know" where such policies are made is strictly confined to the Masonic select, specifically the highest levels of masonry at the 33rd degree and beyond. It was, therefore, quite by accident that I discovered that there are in fact chambers at NSA that are off limits to Masons below the 33rd degree, and Intelligence agents with the highest clearances, simply because they have not graduated to the 33rd degree of masonry and been initiated into these secrets.

Clearly, efforts towards the general global populations demise and the establishment of a Masonic Zionist global dictatorship are made here. These Agency inner sancta are so totally immune from any monitoring, that such unconstitutional goings on have a totally free hand. Are there such inner sancta that are off limits to blacks, Orientals, Jews or other global minorities? There is no reason to believe that there aren't, since there is absolutely no answerability that would prevent it. Such discriminatory practices fly in the face of the US Constitution's Bill of Rights. Likewise, working against the global democracy in the world seems hardly very ethical.

I was a loyal American military intelligence analyst who contributed towards the free worlds planned demise. I received my honorable discharge from the US Army and I am a free man; many colleagues of mine, by contrast, have been liquidated.


Dear Brothers

As you know The S.A.A.L.M. group was compromised by a security breach recently.

I have conferred with P1 and P2 and we are currently establishing a reviewed security protocol which should prohibit any type of attack or compromise in the future.

This temporary email address is part of the renewed security protocol. If anyone receives unsolicited or "stray-duck" emails, please fwd them immediately to my new address...


Re. electronic signature, do NOT worry about it now. We'll get to it once a few changes are made. Patience. This has never been done before, not quite in the way we're proposing.

Re.. Don't worry about ID, this will be done here at the shop, but we will have suggestions below. About TS/SCI, put full name down, including the W. Re. regs and laws, legal requires us to help you get the regs. You can get them off P21 directly; make a list of them and keyword S.A.A.L.M. or code as is known, and the titles and parts. Most direct way. I am not worried about the NDA. Agreed to it for protection against using HCI (high classif info) as we will have to on occasion.

Item 1 defines what the type of info is, according to the PEO number, and what being give access to such info means.

Item 2 says you are aware of what security is needed and why, and that you understand the basic procedure for sharing the information you have or generate with others: that is, only with members of the group and no one else, no exceptions.

Item 3 warns against the potential danger of disclosure by direct or nonauthorized means, that is, acting disconnected from the group for whatever personal belief(s) or reason(s). Then it goes on to say that if anyone else, outside the group, is to get any information you have or generate, that this would require a direct written permission to do so OR you have directly verified that this is authorized and that you can do so. This is one of the roles played by the first-among-equals -- to protect us all from such potential screw-ups.

Item 4 says you know that breach of this agreement will result in your being asked to leave the group. And that, depending upon what it is you did, any one of a series of parts and titles of CFR and some laws can apply and be used against you in a court of law. This is a dissuader of breaches of this agreement.

Item 5 dissuades us from disclosing anyone from the association with S.A.A.L.M. punishable by death.

Item 6 tell us that the agency will seek extreme termination with prejudice in the case of a breach of this agreement resulting in the disclosure of unauthorized information, beginning with extreme harrassment in order to stop the disclosure.

Item 7 establishes clearly ownership of the information and here you need to read carefully to understand what it really says, for by invoking ownership by the Link (of which we are a part) we all also own the information. Internal regs will clarify this point as we go, internal meaning group generated.

Item 8 says that you are bound by all items in this agreement until such time that one of the first-among-equals (most likely P4 ) releases you to do a limited release as part of something the group agrees to do, or is part and parcel of the overall mission. Otherwise, it reminds you that all parts of the agreement apply to you at all times.

Item 9 is self-evident. Essentially, it says that if one item of this agreement cannot be enforced, all others remain in force and applicable. And,

Item 10 says that you know that all the CFR sections listed, the congressional act mentioned, and the executive order listed in the item apply to your participation in S.A.A.L.M. and that you accept their coverage over your activities as part of the group. This is the part that basically states each of us are covered under these sections and other other applicable regulations and laws. And it says you recognize your responsibility in obtaining copies of all these regs and laws and that we can help you get them if you can't find or get them yourselves. And,

Item 11 says you don't intend to lie or mislead when you sign this agreement, or any time after.

About any further information from you, it is not necessary at this time. Likewise, whenever you are going to work on any S.A.A.L.M. stuff, contacting S.A.A.L.M. agents, discussing Marduk and/or Annunaki protocols, it is quite necessary as keyboard stroking is quite readable from elsewhere. Will see that some level of encryption be available to all members, working on that as we speak. Make sure you are not exposed to the net, scalar techtronics, or to anyone else getting the better of you

Let me know if you can't find items mentioned in agreement. Will then help. Do you need anything else that I can do now or in next few days? I'm gonna be unavailable for a day or two, probably until Wed. Will take a rest trip to the mountains and the sequoias for a day or two. Will take laptop with, but can't promise I will have signal where I'm going...

Let the computer suggest a code name for you all: or choose a new one (to use in the group) and XXX as your codesign (for A-33_Z information system registry name), as there will only be one master list of all with all add-on names. Include CSs in text somewhere on form, please. Tell me today or tomorrow, if possible, if this is sufficient for you to send the forms filled out back to me so I can get them on system before I leave. Know this, too, that NOTHING given by members of the group to MIS-ACTION leaves the group's system; this is NOT, repeat NOT, shared with any group outside. Sufficient authority internally to set this up and operate it. NDA is insurance that no one will get prosecuted for using HCI from time to time, and to know that we are producing some unique stuff here. It is not so much guarding against GOVOR, NGOS and others that we're concerned; it's the leakage to Link SIGs inside the Link itself. Look, there's exopolitics between them as there is between and among us..


S t r a t e g i c C o n c e p t
All elements must now indeed begin to fit together and work together. The construction of our scalar computer grid at Pine Gap, indicates the end status of our "information field" that we know as soul or spirit embodied or indexed to one physical frame and converted into usable information and data that can be applied to real time power. Here is where allegory meets fact and turns into information. Read these words with your mind’s eye that can access the whole of you, for what you know as spirit in you is the part that will understand, instruct, and guide you in this endeavor.

Be it known by One and All: the body is a bearer of information in and of itself, and within itself. It is Creation in and through which Source experiences Itself and Its creation. The perfect information field indexed to a body is already in human forms native to Earth. The perfect body hosts a perfect information field predicated on 24 base aminoacids, not 20 as the bodies of Earth humans currently are. Current science and human penchant for the idea of immortality have led scientists to a quest for human longevity by the suppression of certain enzymes and the enhancement of neuropeptides, in a biotechnological symphony of attempts. Yet, it is yet not realized that Source as Creator has already programmed all DNA to reach and achieve life forms of maximum feasible complex oscillating biological life matrices. This is a philharmonic quest for a biologic emancipation from exclusive dependence on the planetary/star system context in which the complex life form emerges. And much of the change the living matrix undergoes is already in what so far we know as mind, which is contained in Source as Creator, expressed as a biomind overfunction that turns a biokind into a unity-support under the operation of a dedicated biomind member, who acts as first-among-equals switchboard of permutated interchange of and among all members of the unity-support as biomind-overfunction. This is a most accurate conceptual representation of what biokinds must become, as all biominds must ultimately join the One Voice in each galaxy that shall ultimately join all others in all galaxies as the Voice in Source as Creator.

In less technical language, the human species on Earth is at the door of a species-wide awakening to its whole membership-mind. This is not a telepathic phenomenon, as it is often misunderstood and portrayed in the literature, on the net, and in movies. Rather, it is an energetic phenomenon that also involves the Earth. Humans and their star-planet tandem are at the door of becoming a biogeosystem, or intricately woven system where human biology, Earth energetics, sun energetic cycles, and human biology awaken a process of genetic changes already inscribed in our DNA and genes (regardless of how much Ša.A.Mi. genetic material is in our DNA, or what you have seen referred to as Annunaki) that will take ten- to twenty-thousand years to bring our biokind to par with other Link members in terms of longevity.

Source is what you know as God in the role of Creator at Work. Source is the Thought boundary to the seven superdomains, from and through, which everything is. This is known as Unum – the sum total of Creation. Source expresses in seven superdomains, each being contained therein by the next, all contained therein by Source, like an onion contains its precious core. And core is the ratio of space/time in which our bodies are now, but of which our information clouds are not. The Milky Way and all galaxies in the universe are hosts to all Life manifestations from a perfect DNA created and placed by Source in 4-spacetime – the spacetime ratio in which life as we know it exists in three dimensions of space and three expressions of time. The latter, time, is technically not a dimension in the same way space is; it is more an aspect, for there is vertical time (which is a series of time aspects of 12,960,000 infinities) and horizontal time (time aspects that are manifest locally, as local time in space/time locales or addresses in 4-spacetime).

THE EYE of Horus

This third and final S.A.A.L.M. document announces the EoH.. It will be followed by formal invitations to those who have replied and planning begin shortly on the setting up of a a new Lodge which shall then interconnect all those who chose to become S.A.A.L.M.- S.A.A.L.M. members.

Neither P1 nor I wish to exercise direct control over the group, except as participants and specialized information source. The tasks for the group are specific to the three functions mentioned in the first two releases. This third is intended to put everything together, along with a substantial information base for each individual on each of the first two functions to have and hold as basis for moving forward -- as the page on which each need to be on to move onward and forward. This information is intended for group members, and group members only, until as a group, ground rules arise as to how the information products developed from within the group are to be made available to the public.

We, who conceived the idea of this group, intend it to be operated on the basis of fairly basic rules of thumb -- logical ground rules most everyone can agree to. Everyone must also realize the importance of the group’s intent and purpose, and weigh it against the need to protect it so it may serve us all well in accomplishing the goals set forth for its existence and operation. We do not wish to compromise a plan conceived by Lord Marduk over 25,000 years ago

We need to begin with trust in each, each other, motivation that drives the group to fulfill the functions established, and the motivations that drive each and everyone in fulfilling the objectives agreed to by the goals which drove the formation of the group in the first place. Much of what we propose to do with and through S.A.A.L.M. has never been done in the public domain -- ever. And the attempts we know about have not worked for a variety of reasons. One of the main ones, from our viewpoint, has been the lack of trust in the wisdom and reliance on the native intelligence and experience of those participating in whatever the effort was at the time.

Aside from the usual group rules for the operation of this group, additional ways of handling information -- products and their dissemination -- would be have to be developed and evolved as an organic group, with facilitation on the part of members interested in seeing specific information items disseminated. This would require awareness and understanding on the part of those driving forward to do their bid with any one product of the time sequence and timing requirements already set long ago for the performance of specific procedures and function cascades between group onset on the net and the mid-third trimester of 2011. All of this would be provided to S.A.A.L.M. members as eyes-only group documents to be absorbed and filed for reference as securely as possible.

It is important for everyone to realize, understand and accept from the beginning that this is not set up as something open to everyone. It is NOT. People may join by invitation only, and only by agreement of the entire group that what the person being considered possesses skills and experiences necessary to the functions and objectives of the group. Thus, to a large extent, membership is utilitarian and driven by the goals and objectives set by the group functions and desired outcomes. We therefore propose that the S.A.A.L.M. lodge be formed by invitation only, that invitees be asked to furnish the entire group with a curriculum vitae of their background, accomplishments and experiences, writing samples of essays and/papers written (including professional papers, reports, monographs, and books published online or by publishing houses, that the member promoting the invitation be responsible for gathering all necessary information on the invitee, and submitting a proposal for membership to all members by email, providing sufficient information to members for each to determine in his or her own mind and heart the worthiness of the proposal, the utility of the background and experiences of the invitee, and the function invitee desires to perform in the group. A first-among-equals serves the function of moderator in the internal debate on whether or not the proposed member is extended the invitation to join, conducts sounding surveys of the membership, submits questions to the prospect sent by the membership, conducts membership consults over the net or by appointment, draws closure on discussion by sounding surveys concerning readiness to vote, conducts the final vote, declares consensus acceptance of the candidate and authorizes extension of invitation to the member who proposed the candidate for membership.

If the invitee is or has been a member of a civilian or military intelligence organization, this individual shall undergo a full vetting process involving his or her experiences and associations while in such organization. All members of the group, without exception, need to vote (up or down) on all admissions to the group; we propose that admission criteria be circumscribed to background and experiences pertinent to the group’s needs and goals, verification and reliability of the information provided, invitee disclosure of personal and professional information, background and standing in his or her community, and such other criteria deemed appropriate and necessary by the consensus of the membership. We then propose that the group function by the principle of the first-among-equals/consensus agreement. The operational definition of this principle is that the group is neither hierarchical in structure, nor is it driven by power motives associated with any one viewpoint or its hegemony within the group.

The first-among-equals are those who conceived, organized, and operationalized the group at its inception, and continue on serving as functional information conduits, facilitators, moderators and organic stimulants of viewpoints and worldviews to help explain, clarify, extend, associate, and made accessible any information cumuli (or information that combines and merges into ever higher orders of gnosive complexity and abstraction) to the membership by virtue of previous access and exposure to organic-enhancing means of improving optimal CNS/enteric intellectual performance.

The first among equals in the group are: P6 , P2 and P1. Of the three first-among-equals, the one ultimately responsible to the Link and to S.A.A.L.M for the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of S.A.A.L.M. is P33. The others – P13 and P15– are the pillars of this group – the fifth element in a higher-order defensive complex that, without this group’s performance of its functions and fulfillment of its goals, it would and could not work. More on the situation confronted by humankind as members of the Link have made guardian functions in certain institutional groups mentioned on this document and on the BRIEFING BOOK 1, for bona fide members admitted by the membership.



The material available at this site is owned by the S.A.A.L.M. and third parties and may only be used in the ways described:
· You may take temporary copies necessary to browse this site on screen

· Unless otherwise stated, you may download or print a single copy of S.A.A.L.M. copyright material for research or personal use

· You must not change any of the material or remove any part of any copyright notice.

Always Check the Information!

Information at this site:

· is specific TS/SCI information provided as part of S.A.A.L.M.s role in the dissemination of information relating to Lord Marduk and the Supreme Annunaki Council is scientific, medical, technical or expert advice is subject to the usual uncertainties of advanced scientific and technical research may not be accurate, current or complete is subject to change without notice should never be relied on as the basis for doing or failing to do something.


Lord Enlil waiting before his final address in which he spoke to all S.A.A.L.M members on behalf of His Royal Highness Lord Marduk and Queen Nanshaazuur. Lord Enlil announced that the capstone of establishing Lord Marduk as King of Kings of SoL will soon be set. The speech concluded with a sincere thanks to all members efforts and a toast was pronounced to the target date of Dec 22nd 2012.
Esteemed S.A.A.L.M. members were truly honoured to receive His Holiness Lord Naanuur, 2nd in line to the Anu-Na_ki Royal lineage, and Grand Architect and Patron of the 33rd degree of Zion and S.A A.L.M. Seen here with P13.


Welcome to the S.A.A.L.M

We have our work cut out for us. Please download attachment form on which we ask that you provide us with certain information on yourself. This information will NOT be shared with any patrons or funding sources, present or former employers, or anyone outside the group. The information gathered therein will be used to catalog talent within the group, suggest assignments to new members and invite "old" members to task forces, focus groups, analysis conferences, etc. In other words, it is intended for dcision-making on deployment of talent within the group to tasks as they may appear on the horizon.

We hope to have an information system set up such that a server not connected to the net but accessible through "gates" can store all group production by member, so when specialty and talent needs to be identified for any one or more tasks important to the group, this may be quickly by the stroke of a few keys.

Additionally, upon consultation with foundation legal counsel, it has been determined by the first-among-equals that any work performed by anyone, of any nationality, for and on behalf of S.A.A.L.M. will require strict compartmentalized coverage under certain chapters and parts of the Code of Federal Regulations (CRF) and other congressional acts and laws. We will handle highly sensitive information without the benefit of formal clearance vetting; therefore, each of us need to sign at minimum a nondisclosure agreement that describes what our legal advisors require S.A.A.L.M members to be covered for. Shortly, you will also get a security indoctrination memo from one of us. This will address item No. 2 in the nondisclosure agreement following the CV questionnaire. This is information with you, in compliance with legal requirements set for us to go by.

We have established a nonvetting status for S.A.A.L.M members to receive and work with what is essentially information of a classified nature. Nonvetting means that there will not be a lengthy background check process, and that much of the responsibility for keeping the ranks free of checkered characters and egomaniacs falls on us the founding members. The suggestion has been made, and the first-among-equals and some of the first members agree, that the first fifty members be declared "founding members" -- a distinction that constitutes more of a badge of courage and wisdom about the necessity for S.A.A.L.M and the personal valor for being a stand-up and be counted kind of person.

We will need to have these documents back as soon as feasibly possible. Keep copies for your records but off the desktop.

Again, welcome Brothers. Work is ahead of us, but let's have fun doing it.

In service to All.


Task Members

I am going to invite you to log in onto the SAALM group, go to the FILES section, click, and get into the Orion_Sirius_Asmodeus Folder. Once in, to the the Exercise 1a- WA-G4B0032 Word.doc, download it and follow the instructions at the end of the file. We are using an identical strategy here to the one used in getting our own folks to gain perspective(s) on and discernment of an information-set, and then subject the intellectual extract(s) of what you are able to gain from your analysis of the set to your "other" brain's "intellect" and see what happens. What will be interesting for us to learn about all of yourselves in doing this exercise. When you start dealing with real information on things of interest to the group, I need to know you will have the metamethod in place and your visceral "nose" is working and fully engaged. We'll also get to see throughout these exercises how much, how well (or how little) you trust your enteric brain, its information processing and your trust and use of the information it generates for you...Makes sense?

Tell me your views and feelings on the task.

CA-3 continues his and the team's trek. His location is not related to his tasks, but rather it is a necessity for him at this time. He is proceeding on down to the next location, and once over onto the other. We're heeding his recommendation and taking them in tandem.

Recruiting continues. We pick up seven and lose three (due to the CV/NDA requirement). The team you belong to is still short of people but it will come. The two others are beginning to work on T&D assignments (such as what you are starting now). For the next 12 months, we'll slowly bring everybody up to par and up to speed on things, and once 2D is in your hands, allow about 3-6 months to have people get into Accelerated Learning from the inside out, not the other way around. Am enclosing a relatively new article DA-1 and I did a while ago, as it is pertinent to some of the questions you raised about enteric info processing and A.L.. It is actually a presentation on the bases of life physics, with particular attention to 4-spacetime "reality matrices." I have a feeling it will help you understand things a little clearer.


Dear SAALM Members:

Accelerated learning module 5 is ready to be downloaded. . The S.A.A.LM. Group, as some of you already know is a group of invited agency group heads who work directly with ALL ET related issues across the globe.

Please visit DA-3.s webblog, and you are invited to leave your comments at any time. The only one you'll know is me: I am P4. There are others associated with SAALM., namely P1 to P9. You will notice also that those associated with our SAALM Group will have an alpha-numeric designation, while those who are brother members of the 33-degree of Zion will simply have a one or two word designations, without numbers. Below are members of the SAALM. Team, made up of people from both groups, which is the entire list with input access to the blog.

SAALM 33 degree of ZION

P1 Plato
P2 Spartacus
P3 Aristotle
P4 NingShaazur
P5 Mithrus
P6 Asmodeus
P7 Cicero
P8 Templar
P9 Annanaues

There are 45 more designators corresponding to 42 more SAALM. Group members, while there are 3 more people associated with the research institute that supports this effort who are part of the Team.

Now that you know the basic rules for knowing who belongs to which group, you can follow their adventures and work.


SAALM - 33 degree Zion


This post being forwarded from C4 in Charlie Group, things going well over there:

Hello Brothers

Greetings from Zurich

Just wanted you to know how blessed we are at your positive experiences. Isn't 2D absolutely astonishing? Not that any of us newbies can fully get around it intellectually yet -- but we WILL in time, because herein is the "philosophers stone" -- the quintessence that men have yearned for and sought after for all time but has up until now seemed to be an unsolvable mystery. Like P1 said, as we interface with the profundity of this material, the cells of our very DNA REJOICE and spontaneously reach out to embrace and be immersed in it. That's because this is why we were born.

Carathreceus and I extend a warm hug. Indeed, it may well be YOU to be the first in Charlie group to do Accelerated Learning on demand -- but who is "first" doesn't matter because we are ALL ONE, ALL serve Lord Marduk and this is cooperation rather than competition. The fact that Charlie group has had such success is a huge boost to us all.

Be at peace my brother.

We have a great cloud of witnesses that are encouraging us all at every moment of this discovery of discoveries. How incredibly blessed we are!

If you feel like it, write up a little something to post on the SAALM Blog and we will begin a dialogue that will be an All One gestalt that will combine ALL of our experiences into a major AHA for everyone -- including our experienced mentors who demonstrate such genuine care and leadership through being transparent examples.

I hope you read P1s recent post on the SAALM network -- it was profoundly moving and demonstrates the art of the genuine. What more can I say?

Look forward to more contact with you -- and let's do it on the WG so everyone can get the benefit.

Peace, interconnectivity, agape and zoe!

Subject: Preapplication from Alpha member for Working Group

FYI, this came to P4, P5 and myself today. I've polled the others, and have their agreement that RomanCandle would be a good addition to the Working Group. He is member of Alpha group, Traveler-1 (DTS) and Raven's group. I was also forewarned by DTS that GreatWaldo (the fellow with the Annunaki Gold from the Rothschild line is also interested in joining, but have not heard from him yet. Anyway, below please find copy of his message to P1 P2 and P12

G07 -- Chief Scientist
G09 -- Project Officer

Membership Preapplication -- S.A.A.L.M. Working Group --

This is my preapplication for membership in the S.A.A.L.M. Working Group. I am sending this preapplication by advice of my Alpha-FAE, Traveler-1, and per conversation with P3 on 3 September 2006. You already have my CV and I have signed all documentation required earlier this year.

I respectfully petition membership in the Working Group. I have contributions to make that members may find helpful, and I am ready to do my part in the effort.



Since this is preapplication, that means he is announcing intention and testing the waters... He's the orange... I will put together a summary of what he submitted, and as he is an engineer at the lab, he is covered by things you are not covered for, so let me get around that and see if I can get hold of his CV and possibly a resume, at least of things you can see... We need to vote on this. Good enough? Let me know as soon as possible, so as to be able to give him an answer to what I understand will be a formal application once he hears from one of us unofficially...

In service,


***source: godlikeproductions.com
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Default Re: Another important must-read!

Never heard of the SALAMI GROUP!!!
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Default Re: Another important must-read!

summary, please?
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