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Default Spirtuality, awareness and stuff.

Greetings Avalon members

This Forum is truly remarkable. A big thankyou from me to Bill and Carri for this and project camalot. I am truly greatfull for all your work

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you Avolon members in these strait up wonderful times. Yes i say wonderful because look at the exciting headlines we really do have goin on here.:

Seriosly as can be; What have we?
I as many others have noticed there are "clues" pointing to Gouvernment corroption/cover-ups, far-out black operations, Whistle blowers, aliens, undergroundbases, and the classic missuse of men in power and mind control! Further more we have secret Agendas like Monsanto and cool stuff like HAARP, and even cooler we have multidimentional-thinking and time travel, lets not forget about that one. Some even talk about dooms day, 2012, bases on the Moon and maya calender etc. The list is really long and goes on and on, i`m sure many of you have allreddy heard much about this.

So now this Avolon forum pops out as a water-well for thirsty desert-souls like myself. What to do what to belive ? The buzz is somthing between being in "survivel mode" or not being in "survival mode", prepare or not to prepare? what to do? Yes time is running out, the signs are everywhere, what is and what is not?

A clever mind tells me that instead of just praying and hoping for a good outcome of this global meltdown-thingy you should be smart to prepeare yourself for the worst case scenario and then hope for the best outcome to happen. (Sounds reasonible to me, better safe than sorry)

Hold your horses says the Wise man with his Wise mind. He tells me not to by into fear driven action, be cool and trust your intuition and know by your heart that you are 100% safe all the time. Clence your self. Meditate and know yourself. Do not give into fear. Just do your thing and you be fine.

I wish sombody cold say somthing more like this;

"Relax, It`s gonna be a thriller - a real cliffhanger its your life enjoy it dont fear it! If the situation is getting out of hand and it becomes absolutly nessesary a shiny UFO is gonna pick you up and save your sorry ass in the last second. Trust me." Thats what I wanna hear..

...just some thougts in this moment in time
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Default Re: Spirtuality, awareness and stuff.

Hello Nuxa. Through your words I perceive a very kind person. Your humor is honey on my peanut butter sandwich.

You're asking for guidance, but you have said it all! Of course you have to start somewhere. Where you are on this journey is a perfect place to begin.

Too much information not well integrated/discerned can cause indigestion. But here is a start you already Know.

Settle a time to be alone, in a quiet place, no music, no disturbance form outside and calm down your mind. For this moment, you will take off pieces of your current Life that labels you as if you would be doing for clothes. Take off your name, your parents, your friends, your education, your profession, your social activities...

What is left is your true self, your very soul. Extension of the Universe/Creator. Ask for inner Peace and guidance to your true self, yes it is like talking to yourself in a way. You can ask anything you want, make it simple and clear. Then observe for a time. What comes is a guidance through your own symbolical language.

There are many techniques to contact your higher-self, but this one works and is very simple. This action will give you inner peace, sharpen your discernment, and open a door to frequencies that comes form the Voice/Sound of the Creator. It is NOT exclusively an intellectual action. It needs a balance of all your being. Your Hearth, Mind and Soul.

All my blessing to you, Steven

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