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Default Putting into Perspecitve....Whistleblowers

Hello All,

I initially posted this in response to another thread, but felt this was a perspective that perhaps others may benefit from, so I created this separate thread. There's not a doubt in mind one or some whistleblowers not only interviewed via Camelot are intentional plants, but there is still a reality we should bare in mind regarding those whom are legitimate.

I'm a "little" on the fence in regards to Deagle, but would never turn away from any information or perspective he has to share.

You have to also keep in mind that these people coming forward rather you believe them are not, are still tied to their individual personalities. Personalities have a way of filtering into people's communication skills and style, so that can be a part of his doom and gloom. Or he could quite simply be removing the coat of sugar.
You will also notice that there are commonalities amongst highly intelligent people, one being a tendency to speak fast.

In regards to his predictions, I've noticed that all of the contactees or whistle blowers whom attached dates to their information were incorrect. I believe they've all learned a lesson from that, and have also noticed that each of them no longer are in the prediction business, but only sharing the possible scenarios. I think they all made a mistake in trying to assess a specific time of occurrence with their information.

Regarding selling products. Some things you can't give away free if you wanted to. You have to keep in mind, these individuals because of what they are doing and saying (especially in the medical profession) are not likely to be hired by an unawake employer or industry whom his information exploits. Don't know if you seen his presentation on YouTube, but he literally put the medical industry, doctors, including friends in the hot seat. Additionally, if they are legitimate whistleblowers via government, then I'm sure the government has made it difficult for them to make a living as well. Therefore, at some point (especially in regards to medicines/supplements) you have to charge for the committment you have made to provide things to people that is generating a cost to yourself.

Lastly, I'm going to look into not only the injunctinon piece, but the steps suggested via the Burgenmeister lawsuit. I will also take some action in my own way that I will not share via the internet. You are right, action is needed before the reality arrives.
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