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Post Why We Cannot Accept UFO Disclosure

The topic of disclosure weighs heavy on the minds of all who in their hearts know the reality of UFOs these days. From the million fax to Washington to individual attempts to get our government to acknowledge the existence of our alien observers.
While we try, our best to get the answers we demand I believe we already have had disclosure presented to us by the U.S. Government and other Governments worldwide in the form of clandestine disclosure. This type of admittance from our Government has come in many different form and ways.
We are currently able to view footage from NASA showing Unidentified Objects floating in all directions taken from various space missions. Some of the provided video actually shows unidentified alien spacecraft appearing out of nothingness and disappearing again in a matter of a few microseconds. Some footage actually shows a definitive type of craft along with its rotation suggesting the mechanics of the crafts seen.
The size of the definitive alien crafts is enormous, measured in miles rather than feet based on the distance from the camera.
If we are to believe what we are seeing coming out of NASA there hasn't been a single mission into space without some visual type of UFO. being observed whether it could have been from space junk or alien technologically constructed crafts.
Crop Circles are appearing every day in all countries of the world with no explanation of who made them. Some are so intricate in appearance it would take humans hours if not days to duplicate, not the matter of a couple of hours or virtually in minutes as they are appearing now.
We have proof coming out from missions within our solar system in the form of what appear to be ruins on the surface of Mars, anomalies seen in some pictures of the moon that defy explanation and other pictures from moons of other planets that show signs that suggest forms of constructed geography rather than a natural occurrence that happened randomly over time.
Our own planet Earth has its share of anomalies defying explanation that is viewed from Google Earth suggesting prior advanced earthmoving technology thousands of years prior to our human capabilities at the time in history.
The bottom line to all of this is, none of the crafts seen in NASA video and pictures is ours, we did not construct anything anywhere other than here on Earth and we humans are not the artists behind the beautiful designs that make up crop circles.
All this and the fact that millions of people worldwide are experiencing direct contact with a higher advanced civilization in the form of physical abductions and eyeball sightings of UFOs to more subliminal contact in the form of Sleep Apnea which is the medical term given to this form of abduction and Out Of Body Experience by science that defies any physical explanation they could come up with.
There is also the Scintillating Scotoma, which is the medical term for the visual Aura, which appears at any given time to abductees. This vision of sparkling lights has nothing to do with any physical or mental ailment or disease it is a form of communication between the human subject and the Alien Civilization who placed the implant there.
There are other forms of contact based uniquely on the individual, which varies in contact form affecting out come.
Crop Circles are not for us to wonder who made them but for us to decipher their meaning.
We who are constantly researching the topic of other civilizations than our own realize that the Aliens use symbols and hieroglyphics in communicating. This brings me to the fact that ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Mayans, and Inca used the same form of symbolic signs in communicating. This tells me that these civilizations were either in direct contact with the Celestial Brothers and Sisters or those they may have been living among them.
We would have had not only concrete proof and evidence of an extraterrestrial beginning but be living in the realization of who we really are and all the whys, what’s, how’s and when’s concerning us as a civilization on this planet if these civilizations were not destroyed along with most proof connecting us with an extraterrestrial beginning by sects of people who desired to glorify humans as unique to the universe separate from any outside influenced beginning. Hence the birth of Religion.
Christianity has singlehandedly done much to hide us from our true history.
In this massive revolt by Christians, we as a civilization lost valuable information connecting us to the extraterrestrials beginning with most all stored literature the Egyptian Civilization had placed in libraries. The Egyptians were smart enough to see this coming and had the Pyramids and Sphinx constructed both as monuments to our heritage and as indestructible libraries to our true beginnings.
The same situation was anticipated in Central and South America where we have Pyramids left as legacy's to our true beginnings as non-earthly biologically entities.
Over time since the birth of Religion thousands of years ago the quest for self glorification continued in the form of further sects being created to further the ideals of self uniqueness in the forms of thousands of different Religions being created out of the desire of followers to be considered better than the rest.
It is our inner most desire as humans for self-uniqueness that obstructs our clear path to truth of self.
We need to open our hearts and minds and see what has been in front of our faces since our time began.

soucre: http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1881889.php
"For those with their eyes shut, no explanation will suffice.
For those with their eyes open, no explanation is necessary."

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