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Default Black OP Aircraft and UFO's - Avebury Nexus meet 2009

UFO Video Response to Choppers
Ok here's a video explanation; There are two different choppers in the film. What is the first chopper which looks like a lynx yet has triangular side panels. Also look at the second chopper later in the film and look closely around it at the many ufos. There are also a couple of bugs and a bird in the video, the rest are moving too fast and too uniform to be birds so what are they.They can be seen better when viewed in high quality on the big screen option.

here's the original video filmed from the campsite:

Posting this s**t is the only thing in the world which makes me feel a bit nervous. Grid. (deep breath and big sigh!)
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Default Re: Black OP Aircraft and UFO's - Avebury Nexus meet 2009

Hi all

Gridkeeper couple days ago at camp site we also took some chopper shots and caught a tiangle object above chopper and the next shot had round disc shape again above helicopter.

I will post pics asap.

Activity is very busy down here getting several fly overs a day various helicopters army, navy, black ops,also one had a black dome on the side???

Oneness calls the matrix falls
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Default Re: Black OP Aircraft and UFO's - Avebury Nexus meet 2009

Seems I left you too soon and missed the show!
Great you kept track of these things.
Looking forward to see the pictures.

Loving kindness
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black, ops, peace, ufo, ufos

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