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Default Multi-coloured being

Let me introduce myself, I am 41 years of age. I live in Cheshire which is in North west region of England.My interests are spiritual healing and astrology.I have been practicing astrology for nearly 20 years. I was born with spiritual healing abilities as we all are to a certain extent.My forum name "Blue hand" comes from the healing abilities and also because I have Raynaud's disease. Please forgive my writing as I have a mild form of dyslexia so be patient with me.

I really began to wake up (spiritually) in 1990-1991 when David Icke was going through his awakening.What David was saying was really hitting home to me at all levels.
I wrote to David and ended up delivering leaflets for David in the Manchester area for his upcoming speaking event in the area.

That was just a brief description of my past. I am writing this thread for one reason only, that reason is an answer (if possible) to what I had experience in 1972/73.
First of all I have been on many like minded threads searching for an answer to the experience I had but I found nothing.

I will try and describe my experience below:

I was about 4 years of age,I was born with allergies galore struggling with asthma and hay fever on a daily basis and the likes.I was in Hospital quite a lot in the early days due to asthma attacks. This is the reason why I was lying on the sofa in 1972/73 on a warm sunny day. I was tired and feeling not too good,I remember my brother sitting on the floor next to the sofa I was on and also resting his back on the sofa.I felt sleepy (maybe because of medication I was taking at the time) the next thing I knew I was on top of a near by hill which is near by my house. I was upright with my feet about 3 foot of the floor and my hair blowing in the wind and the sun in my face. I could feel the sun's warmth and also feel the wind in my face.I was hovering above the ground in a crucifix position,arms out wide.I don't know why I was in this position but is the position I took.I had a feeling I should look to my left so I did,I could see a multi-coloured being/entity coming towards me.The multi-coloured being was rippling or maybe a better description would be it was shimmering as it glided over the hill top towards me. I remember feeling of great love and peace coming from this being, this being had no features nor limbs etc.It was cloud like.The closest thing I would say that could describe this entity would be a RAINBOW BODY,you can read about the rainbow body here http://www.sacredtransformation.com/article2.html and also look at his image http://www.rainbowbody.net/images/padmasamrainbow.jpg.

I hope the above helps you in your efforts to see what I had seen on that day.The entity then smiled at me but the entity had no features at all so I do not know why I know the entity smiled at me? With that smile the entity turned round and started to leave and with that I was back in my body. I didn't think much of it (I was about 4 years of age) I did have a lot of psychic experiences as a child such as lucid dreams etc.

I have to say this experience was a good experience and not in anyway negative. Can anyone on this forum have an answer to what I had seen? I have been told in other forums that being I had seen was a nature spirit, I don't know about that but if anyone has had a similar experience to mine or even better knows what the entity was that would be even better.After watching all the project Camelot interviews (thanks Bill and Kerry for all this information) I am not immune to the idea that my experience could be a false memory of some sort but if anyone could shed some light on this experience for me I would be so thrilled.If you have any questions about the experience I have described above for you please feel free to ask.

Best wishes.

Blue Hand.
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Default Re: Multi-coloured being

Wow, thats such an interesting story. Ive never heard of anything like that before. Its very unique. It sounds like you encountered a multidimensional entity that was very positive.
I don't think its a false memory, because if that were the case they would have implanted something that made more sense. Like the being would have told you how special you are or something.

Whether it was good or bad you much more than likely made an agreement to let it happen before incarnating.

I'm very happy you got to experience this. I'm sure it has added alot to your life and made you a much more spiritual person. That might have been the point. You say you've been on the spiritual path for quite some time, and that David Icke's information (which I agree is fantastic) really hit home for you. Do you think this experience could be the reason why it hit home in such a way for you?

I'm guessing this also is the reason for your healing abilities as well as your psychic experiences as a child. This leads me to think that it was positive because you seemed to have gained alot out of it (just judging by your posts), and because of the nature of the encounter and the fact that it hasn't happened since.

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad you joined the forum, you seem like a very spiritually evolved person with alot of good things to say
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Default Re: Multi-coloured being

Hi Derek,
Thanks for your reply,I'm not surprised that you haven't heard anything like this experience before because believe me I have been searching high and low on the Internet for someone who has had a similar experience.As you can see I have had no luck.I even thought my experience had been taken from a film/movie that I had seen whilst I was young and I had taken the info in "subconsciously" if you know what I mean.

I too believe that I had agreed before hand to have this experience but I'm wondering why? Yes I feel different than anyone else but doesn't everyone on this forum or any other similar forum? I used to feel that I was adopted when I was younger,I just didn't fit in with the family at all.

A "dimensional being" had crossed my mind before but to tell you the truth I have no idea,no idea at all.The experience was nice and positive that's all I know.

When David Icke was speaking on TV in the UK in the early nineties I was nodding my head to everything he said as if I knew all this stuff already,it was weird but brilliant because I did not feel on my own for the first time.This was a time when David was being mocked at every turn here in the UK so when I told people around me that I agreed with David Icke I was thought of being mad or insane,this didn't stop me writing to David giving my support and then posting leaflets for him.

I had another experience when I saw a project Camelot video for the first time from which I saw Bill Ryan, I had a psychic message saying that Bill will know something about that experience, I don't know why. I haven't contacted Bill directly about this experience, I thought that writing down my experience and then putting it on this forum then in one way or another I will get an answer.I believe we attract like for like and someone here will know what I had seen.

Best wishes,

Blue Hand.
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Default Re: Multi-coloured being

Welcome, Blue Hand. I think you should view your experience real and your abilities a gift which you are meant to share. I've been reading the Dolores Cannon books and it seems that there are many here at this time who are here to help raise the vibration of the earth and help make the coming transition less traumatic than it might otherwise be. I can't tell you who the being was, but I suspect it is someone you have had a long association with.

For all those who feel out of place in this life, I highly recommend "Keepers of the Garden" and other books by Dolores Cannon. I'm just starting into "The Convoluted Universe II" and there are some very interesting cases of people who have come here with special abilities at this time for a reason.
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Default Re: Multi-coloured being

I can't help you with that, but welcome to avalon...
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david icke, entity, experience, lucid dream, obe

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