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Default Re: Arizona

Hello from Scottsdale!

Would love to meet with others that live in the area! And am currently looking for a house in the Sedona Area. Any suggestions?

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Default Re: Arizona

I guess i will be looking else where to live...did not read those posts on page three about Sedona!!! I will be looking in the North East for a place to call home for me and my 4 year old son! Thank you for sharing that info i appreciate it very much.
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Default Re: Ground Crew for Arizona Phoenix area

Originally Posted by AmanAmen View Post
We just took our house off the market a couple of weeks ago - had a buyer fall through as well. Wanted to move the family to acreage in the Northeast (Western Mass/New Hampshire/Etc) and unplug ourselves from the city. I have the same intuition that there is something keeping me here - AZ has such an ancient vibration to it, and I wonder what it is that I am meant to discover while I am here.

I must say that since I've started finding/remembering truths in my life, I have met a fair number of local people who are sharing in this same experience, or at least are open to it. The answer might be that we are meant to be here to find each other...

Love and Light!
I agree Friend! I couldn't get out of Arizona before the real estate crash for the Free State Project either and realized that Arizona was where I must make my stand. No such thing as coincidence...

Here is an excellent tip for anyone who is stuck in the Valley when it hits the fan...buy a topo map of Sycamore Canyon ASAP. Be prepared to walk and carry at least three days worth of food and water. It may be your only way out of the city. Find a cave and STAY there! The forests do NOT have water, but you can always drink from a barrel cactus. The forests will BURN and no one will escape. The desert areas will NOT burn as fast or fatally.

Hugs to all.

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Default Re: Arizona

I've found a useful list of Caves in Arizona which have been surveyed by the National Geological Survey. Long/Lat coordinates. The majority of them are in the four corners region of NE Arizona...

I've been considering following an ethical path of "squatting" one of these caves. My question is to anyone who has knowledge of cave living, or moving in on National Forest land -- and doing so attempting to remain hidden. What might the protocols be if a small community was found to be living in National Forest area...?

With the combination of various disciplines of living off the Grid and self-sustaining living, spirit tells me this will work.

I'm hoping for input and insight along these lines...

Adam K.
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Alexandra Hernandez
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Default Re: Arizona

Hi everyone, My family and I have decided to leave NY, and were coming there in January. We have felt a pull for a long time and coincedents keep bringing us to Arizona. Its an un-planned move. My husband would have never left his job, and was recently let go. So we commited to leave and are now living out our security. If possible, we could use some help in finding a place close to the four courners area for rent that has land to get a head start on agriculture and a little farming.
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Default Re: Arizona

Yuma, AZ here - one large, older alchemist and his large, older Siamese cat, soon to be mobile via one large, older RV.

I think we should obviously look for some high ground near the Hopi Four Corners area, and we can make tons of organic ORMUS fertilizer for growing super-plants at a cost of practically nothing.

This site belongs to a very good friend and illustrates the abilities of this fertilizer we can make.



Love –Truth – Beauty – Trust – Harmony – Peace
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777 The Great Work
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Default Re: Arizona

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Create The Change
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Smile Re: Arizona -NE AZ best

Originally Posted by yworry1979 View Post
I truly believe that NE AZ is best. When I spoke to George Green he said to get as close to the 4 corners area as possible & stay close to the Reservations. We're currently looking NE of St. John's, maybe Holbrook.

Sedona - no good because of FEMA camps

Flagstaff & Phx & Tucson - no good because of size & nuclear fall-out patterns.

Could you elucidate about FEMA camps in Sedona?
Not to let this detract me from instructions given...

I've been contacted to get to NE Arizona to community working on 4th density transition and working with the vortexes there are a protected region.
Anyone know of communites forming or intentioning communities in the Flagstaff/Sedona region?

I'm coming!!!

I visited the Four Corners region of the res last May in Tec Nos Pas and I'd heard the rumor before getting their the US gov to prevent us from going there and banding together had got the Tribal government to make an order nontribal people could only stay 2 weeks a year or they lose their free government house theywere given and lose their lease to their particular spot so no relatives could inherit their free family house or land spot transfer if they allowed others in. I lived with them 6 months before so they are like family. They wanted to ignore and risk it, but one son westernized was quite opposed over his inheritance loss potential.

As it turned out indeed they all are upset as they usually are about the US gov run tribal government and indeed if anyone visited over 2 weeks a year they could all be kicked out and lose their home. You could marry one of them, though. I really loved working with them at their concession stand at Four Corners years before and all the Sings and pow-wows.

It appears our foes are planting obstacles, we are to do what we are supposed to any way and ignore them....when we are told to come...

Here's a video on Sedona and the vortexes I found:


Anyone with forming communities in the Sedona region let me know...the time is getting urgent inside...
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Default Re: Arizona

Another Tucsonan checking in!

Give a shout out if you are near!!!
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Default Re: Arizona

Found this on the Tiny House Blog: http://tinyhouseblog.com/announcemen...nity-property/
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