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Default Alex collier message from the andromedans

I posted this in another thread and then realized it might get lost there.

When I listened to Alex Collier's 5/18/2008 1/7 video posted on youtube:
back in May, I transcribed part of it so I could remind myself and share with others:

Hope you enjoy...


Alex says:
"We're already who we (Earthlings) need to be; it's just a question of remembering."

"And in that remembering, it's about letting go, of what we would be perceive as mistakes, of regrets."

He asked Vissaeus ~ Andromedan:
"What's going to happen to us? What is it that you want me to do?"

Vissaeus answers:
"This is how we foresee who you all become."

"Responsible freedom of self-determination becoming truly self-confident and free. To unconditionally be responsible for yourself without being coerced by some other authority."

"The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetime."

"In being consciously aware of not choosing not to withhold love is an amazing feat and it is not an easy one either."

Alex Collier comments:
"It doesn't always mean that I make the best choices or the right choices."

Vissaeus continues:
"The most necessary action for all of your Terraview races who are aware is to do whatever you are capable of to eliminate your degenerated societies."

"Consciousness is your scale, it always provides balance, which does not ever fail. It speaks to those who listen and tells them what to do and what not to do. Not to one or all beings who choose to be evolved. The administrators of your government are responsible for professional order, but not your moral codes of order."

"The key to your happiness Terrans is in the hands of your own consciousness. We have perceived that you Terrans have arranged your lives not according to yourselves, but according to others."

"Your disappointments are do to this fact. This kind of conduct of yours is what is limiting your races. Each one of you is a free soul, a free consciousness. No one is the servant or slave of anyone else. Though the hidden ones will trick you to believe otherwise. Mutual respect is imperative for a healed planet and race. Our help is being extended to you if you so want it . Because of your genetic lineages to our races we would like to be there with you during your difficult times. Today your planet and your race destroys itself in ignorance."

"The goal is to recover the genuine human beings lost deep within yourselves."

"And try to always be at one with yourself."

Morenae ~ Andromedan (1998 ~ makes reference to December 3, 2013 moving into Fifth Density):
"All of us regardless of our form or our dimensional growth, live in a boundless consciousness. It does appear that all things seem to revolve and evolve in cycles."

"Now after the blindness of 5725 years, you and your Terra are about to regain yourselves. It will be such an unprecedented change that it will be difficult for many to grasp their own potential. It is the turning point on your world which none of your planet's forefathers were privileged to ever experience."

Alex explains:
"In Andromeda one of the things that they stress is creating a race of leaders. In that leadership everyone has a responsibility to not only be a leader themselves but to make a leader of everyone else. And in that, everyone moves together. There may be varying different degrees, but everyone moves together. This is something that they have stressed over and over and over again. They have also stressed being as close to nature as possible."

"We are the only planet, that Alex is aware of, that uses currency. In fact, he had an experience where Morenae and Vissaeus had asked him to try to explain to them why we used money or what they referred to as paper with pictures on it?"

"I spent a great deal of time in between contacts putting something together for them. I had a contact and had this opportunity to present this information to them."

"As I was presenting it, I was going through it, I had a paper with me that I was reading it off and had little charts that I had carried in my back pack. Of course they already knew this information since they had been watching our history."

"And when it was all over."

Morenae says:
"Thank you very much I enjoyed it."

Vissaeus just looked at him and had a very straight face and said:
"I don't understand."

Alex says:
"What don't you understand?"

Vissaeus responds:
"I don't understand why you have to pay to live on a planet you were born on?"

Alex says:
"That haunted me for many years, that statement."

Alex continues:
"How do we unravel that? What do we create in order to drop that paradigm? And how do we create it? Who is going to step up and say you know what, we have fought wars over money, we have fought wars over gold, we have fought wars over this and fought wars over that, We have nearly destroyed the planet. We have destroyed species. We're destroying humanity. And it's all over power, wealth and things like that. How do we move from this paradigm to the next paradigm? How do we do it?"

"I know there are a lot of folks trying, making suggestions, talking to people, sharing their perspectives."

"The extraterrestrial civilizations have given up on the governments of the Earth a long time ago. The only ones that are fully integrating with a lot of the Earth's governments you don't really want to know anyway."

"How do we find our soul again? What does it take to change the essence of a man? Is there a phrase? Is there a mantra? Is there a prayer? Is there an event? What does it take to change the essence of a man or a woman?"

"I do not have the answer but I am asking the question and have been for a long time."

"Many of us have completely lost our way. We know a lot of good people who would do anything for us as friends, but they simply don't have a clue. We want them to be aware of the changes that are coming. You can put all this information in front of them and they're simply going to just dismiss it, because it is too overwhelming to them. They have to take it in little bites and little slices. They just simply don't want to deal with it because they are so overwhelmed just trying to manage a life that already doesn't work. Or, they're not already happy with, because it's all that they know and they're afraid to let it go because they don't have anything else to believe in, just what it is that they do every day."

"In creating a new domain of knowing and asking the question, what is it that we want? It has to be something that everybody can take hold of a piece of."

Alex continues:
"For example, every day there are little things that we could do to begin shifting our consciousness. Every day when we get up, the first thing we should do is be grateful that we're alive to see another day. And just make that acknowledgment...Spirit, thank you."

"Always tell your children that you love them. Every day. Tell them that you're proud of them. Always tell your wife that you love her or your partner that you love him or her. Always be friendly and cordial at the office. When you hear an ambulance drive by just say a blessing. Say I bless whoever that's for and that their highest good is what is achieved. Little things like that."

"When you walk into a room, just say I bless this room. Little things like that make all the difference. Because it's conscious intent that every day when you do things like that, those things are easy to do. What you do is you begin to polarize, you begin to magnetize those spaces with your thoughts. And whatever you magnetize and you put out, it will come back, it will be mirrored back to you. That is why Earth is the boot camp for the soul. It's because that's what it does, it mirrors our shist back to us. You know, and the more shist...the more shist. (laughter) And that's why it's so overwhelming after a while."

"So it's little things. Because these are things I've had to try to do and I struggle to remember them every day. These are little things that I can do. I bless my food and bless my coffee. What you do is just get into a space of blessing everything and it does in fact change the frequency. It will change the people that you work with. It might take a little while. But these are simple things; just little things that you can remember to do every day. At lunch time go for a walk, don't just sit in your cubicle, go outside. If you have to go to the bathroom, don't go right back to your cubicle, go outside make a loop around the building. Give yourself a break, just remember where you are. Don't get stuck in just being so in a rut that you forget. Because it's easy. That's why we're so stuck on Earth."

"The extraterrestrials, the visitations, the psychic phenomena, the paranormal phenomena. All of that stuff is us. It's all happening to us because it is us. These are all reminders of who we are. All we have to do is get out of our own way."

With Peace and Love in Mind,

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Default Re: Alex collier message from the andromedans

very cool, i enjoyed this

About the changes, have you heard of Project Venus ?!?
look it up, they have many awnsers to many questions, regarding our planet and our speices.
Now im going online to look for Alex Collier, to see what is this guy about and why i havent heard of him before

Peace of mind and love/light 4all

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Default Re: Alex Collier message from the Andromedans

Source: Alex Collier Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...92185126189734

Regarding where this statement came from: The Love That You Withhold Is The Pain That You Carry.

Interviewer: One of your contacts is a 4 foot 11 inch light blue skinned being call Vissaeus.

Alex Collier: That's correct.

Interviewer: Please describe his personality in detail.

Alex Collier: He's very serious, he's very benevolent he is considered a sage in his world. He's an incredible healer. He has perspectives on things that are just far beyond anyone that I know. He's very direct, he's very humble, he's very soft...uh, uh, he's very direct. Um, and when he moves into a room, like when I've walked with him or walked with others, when we walk into rooms or different areas of mother ships, and the ships, the energy changes the people, of course they're very in touch with energy themselves. They instantly turn and they acknowledge him and they bow. I guess he would be considered a niche wiche (sp), a yahweh, an admiral, or...or, I don't want to use the word god.

Interviewer: An elder?

Alex Collier: An elder, you know, of tremendous wisdom and insight. That they take very seriously what's going on here. And the manipulations; the things that the Greys, the Orions the Reptillians are doing here. They're appalled with what's going on here.

Interviewer: You mentioned directness twice, with that in mind what is the most memorable interaction you have shared with Vissaeus?

Alex Collier: Their all memorable. The single most important one is...I had just had a contact and we had spent about an hour or so together and I was very depressed, very sad and as I'm leaving the ship I was crying and I turned around and I looked at him and he looked at me and he smiled and his words were:

Vissaeus: "The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry."

Alex Collier: That's been the most memorable one. Only because of what that particular statement entails. When we leave our physical form and what many of the catholicisms teach, you know you're judged by God, which simply isn't true, we judge ourselves. And what I read in that statement is that when we cross over we look at the places in our life where we withheld love, that we maybe didn't give enough. We judge ourselves on that. That's been the most profound one for me.

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Default Re: Alex collier message from the andromedans

Post was OT. Sorry.

Go well,

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