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Default Red Ice Creations 2009 Interviews

1st segments of interviews

Subscription interviews

Lynn Marzulli - The Alien Interviews Continued
February 5, 2009

We continue to discuss "The Alien Interviews" with author and lecturer Lynn Marzulli. Topics Discussed: The Alien End Game, Hypnosis Techniques, Black-Ops, Medical Experimentation, The different races of Aliens, Cattle Mutilation, The Vatican Disclosure, Obama, Obama inaugural UFO Sighting, David Jacobs, Black-Ops, Aliens working with humans, The UK Wind Turbine Incident, Phoenix lights, Men in Black, The Grays and much more.

Freeman - The Obama Dynasty, The Space Program & Important Dates
February 22, 2009

We proceed to talk about Space weapons and Scalar Waves. We move on to discuss important dates, Friday the 13th and July 4th as the next potential red flag. We talk about 9/11 and the Freedom Tower, Pope Benedict/Ratzinger, The Vatican and Alien connection, the Nazi involvement in the US space programs, 1013, the Knights Templar, the Cineon Parchment, the temple of Solomon and the Bahai Faith as the New World Order Religion. We round things up talking about Atlantis found on Google earth and just tons more. Don't miss this exciting continuation with Freeman.

Adrian Gilbert - Opening of the Orion Star Gate
March 12, 2009

We continue talking about the Opening of the Start gate, the connection between the star constellation Orion, the Mount of Olives and the Great Pyramid, the opening of the South and North Gates. Adrian talk about that we are in a time period right now in terms of Precession and Prophecy where potential new possibilities related to the consciousness and awareness of people is opening up. We'll also discuss the documentary film "Sign in the Sky".

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aliens, obama, orion gate

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