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Default Handbook for the New Paradigm Practical Application

First of all I'd like to share that I am becoming very excited about the material I am reading in these handbooks and the prospect of humans on this planet being mere slaves yet holding the power to end this scenario in this lifetime is awesome in the literal sense.

That brings me to two questions if I may:

1. At the top of page 161 in 'Becoming" (lines 8 and 9) mention a process necessitating the activation of a portion of the brain that is latent in most earth bound humans.

Does anyone know or suspect what this is referring to? The book does say most so I take that as implying that it IS possible to have that area of the brain activated with our current DNA structure.

If this information is known by anyone reading this text, it would be appreciated if you would be so kind as to share your knowledge of how others may access this part of our brains to be used to better see the big picture of what is going on exactly and how we may assist humanity in moving through this experience for the highest and best good of all concerned.

2. When considering "Waking up to our purpose" for incarnating at this time. How does one best assist other humans in seeing the enslavement that is being perpetrated around us?

This is a very 'heavy' subject. How do we bring it up to perfect strangers in a way that it is received, understood and acted upon?

I remember in the earlier books very lite comments are recommended. I'd like your suggestions of openers.


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Smile Re: Handbook for the New Paradigm Practical Application

1) Hello, I do not know the scientific application of that part of the brain which seems to be what you were asking for. However, I do have an idea as to how to activate it, which is the important part. Whenever the books give a suggestion they say to "visualize/feel" that it has already happened. They call it "enfeeling." I have applied these laws to my life within the scope of the new paradigm as Becoming recommends, to test it out, and it works. Visualizing and feeling as if it has already happened is important. To activate that part of the brain, I would ask in your meditations for yourself and everyone that it be activated. It's interesting to note that you took such interest in this part, maybe it is your special duty . This, of course, represents the universal laws at work. The laws and personal responsibility are the cornerstone of these books.

2) As far as waking people up goes, focus on it, focus on them waking up and being interested in helping to create a new paradigm, this again is the laws in action. In addition, gently turn them onto personal responsibility as Embracing the Rainbow recommends. Lastly, remember that it is our duty to wake them up in any way we can, so we must find a way, we are the Rowans, the messengers to Garcia. I have some videos up, be sure to start a small group too. These invoke the law of attraction. Remember the law of allowance too, when waking people up.

Here are links to my vids to give an idea, there just a start for me, but hey, anyway you can.

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Default Re: Handbook for the New Paradigm Practical Application

Yes, enfeel! I have a slideshow including some of jacque fresco's images from the Zeitgeist movement that I named 'enfeel slide-show'. I run it with some music I selected and practice my enfeeling.

Excellent job on the youtube vids. 5 stars, rated and subscribed!
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