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Dean Plejaren
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Default A solution and the chance for freedom is here now

I have in mind for this thread a specific purpose to invite people who are ready to take part in a solution acitvely and move beyond a lifestyle that is just a daily grind.
Check the thread that has the statement of purpose in it which directs us all to a course of action through agreement. You would think it would be a simple thing. But it's not because we are fighting generations of mind control.

This is what I don't want to discuss which is inhibiting the solution wasting energy. Things like pray, wish and then know. Praying and wishing is good, but if that's all you do. What do you expect but a feeling of wishing? How we must do thought intent experiments. Thought intent experiments are good. But not if they lead to more thought intent experiments. How we must spread the light and information. Spreading the light love and information is good. But not if it leads to spreading more and more information in a never ending cycle of repetition. It's only part of the process. Spreading the light is good, but without action it's like telling a hungry person I love you and walking away without giving them food.
I do not want to discuss how hard one is working to effect change either. It's good to do that but not to preach about it and distract us with it.

It's about breaking through the wall and knowing clarity and understanding why nothing changes. And then making it change together.

I've picked out the spirit of what I'm talking about here from some who have attained atleast some awareness that we need to achieve results through some agreement that we can act on as one unit. This is so we can measure and state here evidence that we are actually working together and not just saying it's our intention and then doing something different.

I don't know this just seems to be common sense to me.

Originally Posted by operator
First of all: why are we waiting for something to happen and waiting for change ?
We ARE the instruments of change and we should shape the change to our likings ! Be part of it.
Originally Posted by whitecrow
what scares me is the idea of me doing nothing. I ain't letting that happen
Originally Posted by shadowstalker
Lets make this work...
Originally Posted by Aceofhearts
lets get off our behinds and make the difference!! ''HELLO WAKE UP TIME'', united we stand divided we fall!
Originally Posted by jazzgad
what we must do ,what is what we incarnated here to do. So lets collectively change reality so it is reflecting our true spirit of cooperation love and respect.
Originally Posted by BeaTnik-BandiT
Let's make it happen
Originally Posted by MacGyverCanada
For now, I believe that we have to figure out how to get Humanity to think as one unit, so we can function as one organism.
That is the seed that contains the most hope on this forum. A real need and desire to create the change. What is needed to make it grow? Collective commitment. And to those who don't have this agreement? Well they can sit and watch and tell us how they are enlightened and how everything is fine for them.

Meanwhile....what about some sort of deadline to achieve some specific goal.

My idea is get out of the mind control and link up with others who want that better lifestyle and then actually get one.

We have a lot of people to heal. Having agreed upon a purpose. The next step would be to attain some finance for some sort of plan. Finance for the people involved. To build up everyone on equal footing who are a part of it. Why do we need finance initially? Because it's a useful tool to be used for the good to get somewhere. But the ultimate goal is to be independant without the need for the money system that we have now.

The important thing to remember it would be temporary and not central priority. Belonging to all involved persons for a specific purpose of progression. Communism? No. That's mind control distracting again. The point is to put energy into something, anything practicle that has real results. If you can manifest group willpower commitment like this you atleast start to get something moving. I would be happy to even have one person agree with me. Atleast it's a start.

Whats the new pardigm handbook say that is useful in this context? We could use that but in a specific way as a group.

This is the place to discuss and establish some sort of plan right here. This place is as good as any to collaborate.

Now I have tried as best I can to stress the importance of creating change and having a plan as a group and achieving goals. There is nothing more I can do of myself in a forum like this. I can only be like a match waiting to be used. When the match is sparked it can catch on and grow beyond me into a proper fire. Until then it's just a potential.

I'm not perfect I have a lot of flaws but if I am certain of anything it's definitely what course of action needs to happen.

Not everyone is going to agree or pay attention. But whoever can see the truth understands what needs to happen.

I can afford $50 a week contribution, and easily spare a few hours a week of my time. If tax money is wasted atleast this wouldn't be.

Wether I agree or not on certain things thank you all for your good intentions.

This is just what I have come up with I need ideas I'm open to the suggestions. Now what?

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Default Re: A solution and the chance for freedom is here now

I am game!
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